Taebo Amped: It Ain’t Your Grandma’s Workout

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I finally got off my duff and ordered Taebo Amped. I have get taebo amped several versions of   Taebo, most of which I misplaced during prior moves. So I was anxious to try this one.

I’ve wanted to just go and pick it up in the store but didn’t feel like hassling with trying to find it. So I let my mouse do the walking and bought it on eBay. I had it in my hands in a couple days.

"Is Taebo Amped all hype or is it really something different?"

Well, if you’re REALLY looking for core training that

Red Exerciser: Does It Really Work?

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  red exerciser
I’m always amazed at the power of infomercials. I usually watch them from Saturday night to Sunday morning, to see who’s pushing what…and anything that is new or revolutionary. I’ve learned from several of the top guys in the business that crafting one, a successful and profitable one, is the art. Specific segments of that market respond to different proven formulas. These formulas get you to respond…whether or not the product is valid or not.

 influence Robert Cialdini wrote the book on Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, and infomercial creators took note. One of the biggest KEY points to convincing others to do as you want is social proof. Infomercial USE this through their use of testimonials, stories from

This Spinner Bike Is The Real Deal

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pro spinner bike I love to ride.
I’ve been riding since I was a kid.

So you can say that I’m kinda spoiled when it comes to real bikes. That’s one reason I’ve always hated stationary bikes.

Yes, I’ve owned a few…and forced myself to use them at the health club.
But they weren’t any fun. The fun was missing in that experience.

As were the results of a true roadwork bike.
But no more…

The Call of the Entrepreuneur

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The documentary explosion is here.

Michael Moore set the stage with his 3 films. His first one gave way to such films as Super Size Me, An Inconvenient Truth and Who Killed The Electric Car. Sicko, a documentary about the state of health care around the westernized world, has recently completed it theater run and is going strong in the rental market.

I for one am thankful for these socially conscious films. More are on the horizon that I’ll review here. Many of these films have very limited showings around the country. If they don’t make it to your neck of the woods,

Cleaner Burning Vehicles: Honda Unveils It’s Newest Hydrogen Car

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Well, it’s now a fact.

Honda plans to release it’s new version of the hydrogen car in California in 2008. With 68 mpg and burning only hydrogen, this electric vehicle is touted as quite enviro friendly, with its only waste products be carbon dioxide and water.
honda fcx hydroelectric car

Although the range has been increase by 30% to 270 miles, it still means that it is limited to local uses versus cross country commutes. I do applaud them for

When You Kneed A Little Help

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Ok, ok…I know it’s a play on words.

But my darn knee does need a little help!

So off to one of my local health food stores I go again.

I had been doing some research on the net for a product that would help my knee and my body clear scar tissue. The first product I tried, Flex Protect from the Rice Patty collection, actually made the problem worse! I can only surmise that it was because of the Cox2 inhibiting properties of this natural combination – and somehow that cross reacts with the NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) like naprosyn and ibuprofen (both of which I had reactions to)


I was looking to try a new product called FYI Restore by Garden of Life. I wanted to use it in combination with the regular FYI but wanted to be sure I would know which one I was reacting to IF I had a reacton.

I did find FYI Restore helpful and it seemed to be helping my body break up some of the scar tissue, which helped to decrease swelling. After 10 days, I added the regular FYI which helped to decrease the tightness I felt in the joint and seems to be helping with mobility.

To this regimen I added 5000mg of Carlson’s Norwegian Cod Liver Oil to help with inflammation and get my Omega 3’s. This seems to augment the effects of the FYI product, especially if taken before bedtime.

I recently learned of a more potent Omega 3 product called NutraMarine DNA and will order some shortly for a trial.

So, if you’re looking for joint food, consider FYI by Garden of Life.


Natural Help for Carpal Tunnel Pain and Repetitive Stress Injury

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Using that walker has been a good way to build up my upper body and shed some unwanted pounds. However the handles are really HARD and have cause severe pain and numbness in my hands.

Now I know what carpal tunnel suffers feel.

The injury is to the median nerve. The pain distribution cuts down 1/2 of the palm and involves 1/2 of the 4th finger and all of the 5th. I had throbbing to in the heels of my hand.

I had all sorts of other salves, cremes and oils. Nothing really did much, including stuff with DMSO, MSM and emu oil. So, I was looking for something extra-ordinary, that didn’t have the usual stuff in it.

And I found it. It’s called Topricin and the good news is it works.

I had significant improvement in my pain within 20 minutes (2 applications).

Topricin is a natural product that was developed

Sonic Toothbrush – Do They Work?

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I’m admit it…
I’m sort of a teeth nut!

Ever since that traumatic experience in high school when the dentist pulled a tooth that had no visible signs of decay and ruined my smile – (well ruined is a little strong) – I’ve been on a quest to maintain pearly whites without the need for butchering by the dentist.

So, maybe in a perverse sort of way, that dentist did me a favor!

Since that time, I’ve tried a whole lot of gadgets and high tech tooth pastes to keep ’em white and healthy.

Then something started happening.

One day, what appear to be a little rock showed up in my mouth. It seemed to have come from a gap between one of my molars. I hadn’t a clue as to what that really was at the time…and mused about it but didn’t see cause for alarm…

until many years later.

You see, it really wasn’t a rock. It was a seed or something that had somehow made it’s way THROUGH my bottom molars. But not through a hole in the tooth…but from a gap between the tooth.

I STILL didn’t ‘get it’ at the time. It later became evident when 2 teeth, 1/2 of my