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Hello and Welcome from the gang at Better Health News. We’re excited to have you here and look forward to serving you. Please, enjoy your stay! We’re committed to helping you feel better, look better, live better and, to help you get a whole lot more enjoyment outta life. The result is you’ll end up doing better and being better. But first let me get this off my chest…

This site will not be plain vanilla. We will not sugar coat anything…so you can expect we will not strive to be politically correct. Nor will we present things in a sterile fashion. Yes, I’m known to be colorful, opinionated and to use slang, write how I talk and occasionally and sometimes INTENTIONALLY misspell things. So if that gets under your craw, maybe your grammar lessons are better spent on someone else! I don’t have a problem being anally retentive (do you?)…and, in general, cannot stand minutia addicts.

Do you catch my drift? Good. If not, good riddance. This site is for people with open minds, for people looking for solutions. This site exists to challenge you to think, to question and to enact change. Nuf said on that.

Now where were we…oh yeah…

The whole field of health and wellness has been shrouded with a bit of mysticism and crystalball polarized to the nth degree. This has led to a plethora of  treatments, alleged cures, regimens, drugs and herbs/herbal concoctions for nearly every ailment, when the secret to good health is not nearly as complicated.

Our mission is to help you find answers, to help demystify it. We also promise to keep jargon to a minimum; this will help make your experience more user friendly.

But we won’t stop there.

You see, health and wellness are not separate from the big picture. There are many threats that are assaulting you every day, some quite hidden and so insidious that it takes a rocket scientist to uncover them. It’s a good thing that many of these scientists are coming forward to sound the alarm.

This planet is an interdependent ecosystem which exists in a bubble. You can’t cause havoc and destruction on one side of the globe and not reap repercussions elsewhere. That’s  much truer now than at any time before. High tech is our basis comfort mode. 

But what happens if that basis is disrupted?

The feds state that it’s not a matter of IF but WHEN.

So…What happens to YOUR life when your basis changes?

When the way you operate everyday no longer exists?

That’s frightening!

This occurs every day now with corporate downsizing, companies moving to other states/countries, consolidations and bad state economies. That alone is a stress in and off itself.

If there is a major change to the economics of this country, what will you do? Do you have a contingency plan? Are you prepared to weather the storm? Because we live in uncertain times, this is a reality you will not only want to think about, but get ready for. So we will explore preparedness, options and new advances that can help you stay alive and well should there be a major disruption in the transportation and distribution of food and water, or if a grid down scenario occurs.

Remember, we live in an age of terrorism, social unrest and of the ongoing erosion of the buying power of the American dollar. It’s best to be prepared.

Always remember that you shape this site by your interactions, comments and feedback. We welcome your feedback. So be sure to let us know what you need. We’re only electrons away…If you need to contact us now, feel free to fill in the form below.

A Little About Me…

elchaten2My name is Dr. Jack. I’m the head of the gang here is at Better Health News. I’m an author, composer, explorer, filmmaker and a freelance medical doctor primarily working in mental health and medical psychiatry. I have training and experience in primary care internal medicine, geriatrics, child and adolescent psychiatry, forensics and natural health, and have worked closely with oncologists and neurologists.That essentially means that I have a WORLD of experience to pull from.I also enjoy traveling to pristine, natural places and hanging out with indigenous peoples. My current fascinatiodreams2n is South America.

I’ve worked from Maine to Hawaii and have been to the southernmost point of the civilized world, Cape Horn (remind me to tell you about the trip from hell!). My passion is life, celebrating life and helping others get the most from life through overcoming their limitations, both physical and emotional. My mission is to help you live your life to its fullest potential.One of my BIG passions is wellness, which I believe comes from my upbringing AND from my ancestry. My folks are Creole and Native American. One of my great grandmothers was a Blackfoot Medicine Woman. Another was full blooded Seminole. Some say that this is where my tenacious nature comes from…

flowers1 desert_flora

My mother was accepted to medical school but later chose to be a teacher. So healers are big in my family. I really never got sick when I was growing up and  did not go to doctors except for the occasional torture of getting a shot. My family kept me well. And when sickness did rear its head, my father and grandmother took care of it and did so quickly and efficiently. Colds never seemed to last more than a day!

Anything else about me?

Well, one thing you should know which will most definitely make an appearance on this blog: I have a passion for elchatenfilmmaking and photography. I was recently featured in Locums Magazine due to my lifestyle as a freelance psychiatrist and how I use it to position myself in areas I want to study and film. I love meeting indigenous peoples and learning about their culture.

Another passion is cooking. I believed this was inspired by my grandma who was of Creole and Blackfoot Indian descent. I think it would have meant family disgrace if I couldn’t cook. My grandma taughtcj me a respect for the environment through food. She came from a time where they worked the land, grew their own food, canned homegrown vegetables and fruits, and ate meat from animals that they raised. I learned so much from them and they’ve thoroughly ruined by palate for processed anything.

Finally, you usually will not find me ‘hangin’ out’ in big cities. Nope, no sirree! beach I’m an earth spirit at heart and do the best when I’m close to my element – NATURE. So, I live in an area where my neighbors are ranchers, elchaten3farmers, cowboys and Indians. Some people state that I live with the rednecks of the world. I prefer to say that I live with ‘salt of the earth’ people. The pace is slower, more relaxed. The crime rate lower and the quality of life, high! 

I enjoy sky for days. It’s sort of magical, intoxicating, enchanting. You feel the earth’s rhythm there. Aside from agribusiness central being here, it’s almost heaven. I understand why it’s called ‘the good life.’ It certainly is. On many drives, I’m privileged to experience many a Norman Rockwell moment. I’ll share a few of them with you here.

Let me leave you with this one thought…

Good health is more than just physical health. It’s an emotional, spiritual, mental, sensual connection with the essence of life, the origin of it. It’s about being in the moment, experiencing heartfelt JOY, experiencing the true joie de vivre!

That’s what I hope to help you have more of…my wish for you.

It saddens me that so much of the old ways have been lost; ways that kept this country and our  peoples alive, vibrant, innovative, productive and strong. They helped us to become great in the world’s eyes…the greatest nation that ever existed. But sadly, no more. Where are our great thinkers, our great leaders, our great statesmen? Where are our  Einsteins, Edisons, Roosevelts or Jeffersons? Gone. We haven’t produced any lately.The writing is on the wall.

Our planet is in a state of degeneration and our health is too.  The  ecosystem is being destroyed and corrupted at an alarming rate with the results being clearly visible  all around you. This planet, our planet,  is a closed system and we are intimately tied to it. When it gets sick, we get sick – that is the ultimate realization.

With sickness,  disease and degenerarkansasdog1ation now rampant especially in America, it’s mission critical time, time to help stem that tide and bring back what was lost.

My mission is to help reverse the trend by keeping the old knowledge, the old ways,  alive.

Some wise man said…

"A merry heart is good medicine."

Let me add a little MERRY to your life.Take a load off! Enjoy Better Health News.

Dr. J



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