Garlic: One Food Loaded With Benefits

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Garlic is a Medicinal Wonder

Garlic belongs to the family Alliaceae and is a close relative of the onion, shallot and leak. It has a pungent, ‘hot’ flavor that mellow and sweetens during the cooking process. The most common part of the garlic that is used is the head of the garlic with the cloves that make it one complete unit. The young floral stem of the garlic is also used for many purposes.

Garlic is believed to have originated in Central Asia. It is now grown all over the world, but it is most popular in China, the Mediterranean, and Latin America.

For more than 5000 years garlic has been valued for its healing properties and its ability to increase the body’s strength and energy. It is said that the builders of the Giza pyramids in Egypt ate garlic to

The Super Size Me Star’s New Experiment

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super size meFrom the guy who brought you the documentary, Super Size Me, comes the  McDonald’s experiment.  He asks this question:

"How does McDonald’s food break down in my body?"  The results may surprise you.

In this experiment, he takes several of McDonald’s sandwiches and fries, and put them in clear glass containers. Then films how they decompose.

21 Ways To Get Your Food Freak On…

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chris_airfood I love good food. Oh…correct that…GREAT food.

I like to eat at great restaurants or great holes in the wall, give food presents and cook with ingredients that bring out the best and convey what I’m trying to say – that special love – with every bite.

And people remember great food gifts!

With the demise of two of my favorite food catalogues

Nebraska Bans NAIS! What’s Next?

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Nebraska legislators did something unusual – they rose to the occasion to ban the nonais implementation of NAIS – the National Animal Identification System.

Initially NAIS was earmarked for cattle, as a way to track them, in case of a Mad Cow outbreak. However the bill was quickly expanded to cover all livestock except pigs, and include even your dogs and cats.

That means that kennel owners and

Could You Be Eating Sick Beef?

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patagonian ranchA couple of weeks ago, the largest recall of beef in U.S. history occurred. Over 143 million    pounds of raw and frozen beef were recalled by the FDA. The concern? Downer cows were being slaughtered and included into the meat you and I eat.

What are downer cows?

These are cows that

FDA Rules Eating Cloned Foods Safe!

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not_milkA few days ago, the FDA came through with their ruling on the safety of  consuming cloned meat and milk. I’m not sure where they got theie data or enough information to make such a statement. I’m quite sure not a one of them ate or drank the items in question. However and nonetheless, the FDA ruled that cloned food is safe for human consumption.

This means that you may soon be eating meat and drinking milk from .

Apparently this ruling goes against the will of Congress that

High Density Vertical Growing: The Urban Solution?

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High Density Vertical Growing or HDVG is a crop production method that can Veggiegrow-Oct-10--2007-012grow a large variety of fruit and leaf food crops in a small space. Should there be a problem with land deliveries of supplies (eg. oil embargo, infrastructure damage, terrorism), this could be the answer to providing high quality nutritious foods locally.

Kudos to Valcent for their newest entry into the market. If it can do what they say it can do, it will be nothing less than revolutionary. Valcent boasts that their system can grow food crops  with 95% less water than what it would take to grow the same crop in a field, with a 20 times greater yield  and

Is Great Tasting Superfood A Myth?

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Have you tried to eat ‘good’ and fiStock_000003003867XSmallound many of the foods you were told to eat just taste plain nasty?

How about the green drinks? Found any that taste milder than cut grass or moldy seaweed? Yuk!

Are you shaking your head, "I know what you mean?"

When it comes to finding something super dense in nutritional value, that your palate can stomach, that doesn’t elicit the ralph response, well, the pickins are slim. That is until now.

So What’s In A Chicken McNugget Exactly?

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Al Nye has written an informative and light post about what goes into that juicy golden arches delight called chicken McNuggets. These ingredients don’t go into the famous parts and parts of parts parody that was effectively and prominently used by Wendy’s when they launched their own chicken product.

mcnuggets However the amount of synthetic ingredients derived from petrochemicals is alarming. Check out his entertaining and informative post. It’ll make you think thrice before ordering them.