Does Being Mental Mean I’m Crazy?

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Sometimes life has a way of overwhelming you. The everyday problems seem life is stressinsurmountable. You think, "That’s it! Just one more thing and I’ve had it!" Hey, I feel your pain. I’ve been there, literally to hell and back. So before you go and do anything rash, let me share this with you…

I had a problem…one that nearly got the best of me.   And I’m so glad that I’m on the other side of it.
Let me explain…

Many years ago, I fell into a deep, dark depression after an estranged friend of mine killed himself. I predicted that it would happen. Heck it was easy to see; you didn’t need a crystal ball. Yet his family chose to ignore the warning signs. And, he ended his life at 19. I was so distraught, angry, hurt…I wanted to go to the funeral just so I could ring his mother’s neck. I could actually see myself doing it. Not a good sign.

"I told her he would do this." It was a hard time for me, a very hard time. And I just wanted the pain to go away. I contemplated and planned to end my life, and was pretty open about it with my family when asked.

Thanks to God, I got on the other side of that. Mine was what is now called a reactive depression. It occurred due to a crisis of conscious.  I had inadvertently taken

Are You Indigo?

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Have you ever wondered if some of the difficulties that you’ve been having in aurora borealis and with the world are genetic? Going deeper than just family ties and proclivities, almost like you were programmed to be something different because you’re hardwired different? What if your behavior, responses and desires are coded in your DNA as your driving program?

I’ve worked with thousands of people and know that most people operate in patterns. It’s only very recently that I’ve been exposed to a concept of having mission and life’s purpose encoded

Einstein On Genius

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albert_einsteinHere’s a little quote from one of the brightest minds the 20th century has ever  known, Albert Einstein. What does Einstein have to say about genius?

"The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits."

Well said Al…and HE should know.

21 Feel Good Songs To Jumpstart Your Day

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Ever have one of those days…

A day were you just seemed to have the utmost difficulty getting going.
A day were no matter what you did, it just dragged and dragged.

Ever thought that maybe there is a way to change that before you commit to a whole day of blah?

Well, you can.

Just break your state with a pattern interrupt that you just can’t help but feel good, great and energized, ready to

Tony Robbins On Success and Fulfillment

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Are you still looking for to take it to another level?

Here’s Tony Robbins RAW giving it his all for a TED engagement. His topic: “The Defining Factor to Success and Fulfillment.” This is a 20 minute video and has Tony “kepping it real” like you haven’t seen him before.


The One Key Trait Needed for Success

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One of our former Presidents was known as a man of few words. However when he did speak, he left the world with a legacy.

My favorite quote on persistence comes from this man. It’s a quote that may become one of your favorites too. Here it is:

“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.

The slogan ‘press on’ has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.” – Calvin Coolidge


Getting It Done: The Power of Something

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Several years ago, I bought a book and tape set from an author on dreams at a conference I was attending. I really didn’t like the tape set, and the book failed to inspire me.

So I put it all aside.

Then comes life…moving…all sorts of other things. This ‘package’ was forgotten by me. Most of what I didn’t like found its way to the local library as a donation. I was sure that someone could use it…that the message would be right for the right person somewhere…and left it as that.

The other day I was headed home and decided to pay a visit to my storage area, essentially to pick up some ‘donations’ for my local library. The object of that visit was audiotape sets. It just happens that I found one I hadn’t listened to on abundance. I remembered where I picked it up and that it was part of that dream package.

So I didn’t give a second thought, picked it up and planned on donating it.

The trip home was a long one – 12 hours to be sure – so tape sets are welcome companions. For some reason, I decided to listen to that set on abundance before giving it away.

Since that trip, one thought has remained everpresent in my mind…and that is

the power of SOMETHING.

You see we go through our day thinking about all the things we have to do. Some of us make lists. Others make lists of lists (you know who you are). And still some others of you keep ordering and reordering your lists that you never get anything done.

And that’s the problem…not getting anything done. Not moving forward on your goals, dreams, desires. Essentially, treading water in your life…just getting by…just staying afloat. How do you