Big Large Gargantuan and Toting 2 Liters of Diet Pop

Written by dr. j. Posted in Diet Help

I know you’ve seen it.

I’ve seen it myself.

People on diets. But not just people…FAT people.
And not just fat people…but massively fat people. Clinically they are referred to as morbidly obese.

I’ve seen them starving themselves, eating rabbit food and lugging a 2 liter bottle of diet pop. Heck some of them drink 2 of these 2 liter bottles a day.

Yet the weight snails off…if it comes off at all.

Many times people criticize them for being big fat slobs who lack discipline. Others state they just have to be overeating – sneaking cake, tubloads of ice cream or eating 2 pounds of chocolate bon bons at one serving.

And yes, there are some of them that do.

But not all of them.

I’ve long suspected the consumption of diet pop to be one of the culprits. And research has finally come out that validates this. The acid load that drinking pop and concommitently, not drinking water, works against