Taebo T3: Is Total Transformation Training Really More Effective?

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Billy Blanks has just released the newest Taebo workout – Taebo T3: Total taebo t3 Transformation Training. It claims to be the most effective workout thus far. To me, that would be quite a feat as Taebo Amped is so darn effective and gets results quickly.

From what I could discern from watching the video, Taebo T3 is quite similar to several other Taebo workouts. It’s highly energetic, interval training but the moves and combinations appear to be the same as in several other Taebo series.

Note (11/14/2011) – the video url no longer works and as quickly as this blew in…it blew out. Guess that just speaks for itself!

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  • dr. j


    @ Charles

    Thanks for your comment and your ‘vote’ of confidence for T3.

    It’s hard for me to imagine something that gets better results that Amped – that fat burning workout even works when adapted to the sitting position. And that’s a tough act to follow.

    Alot of workouts give cardio benefits without significant fat burning and ‘shredding’…which is primarily what I am looking for in these type of workouts.

    So…MAYBE they need to make their emercial showcase what is REALLY different about this workout because…from what was shown…I wasn’t feeling it.

    However BASED on what you’ve stated, I’ll give it another eye when the infomercial comes out.



  • charles davis


    hey there! really interested in finding out whether you’ve tried the program or not. i actually participated in the filming of TAEBO T3 and am happy to let you know that this particular workout is NOTHING like his previous work. the moves are much more concentrated this time – example, for knee raises, you have to roll the shoulders over and reach down to touch your ankle. and he puts MAJOR emphasis on staying in “your core” – keeping your legs bent the entire time (pretend you’re in a room with a short ceiling and you cannot come up all the way). so the intensity level here is unreal. plus, he adds a lot of personal coaching in these videos – he speaks a lot about positivity and personal empowerment. it’s awesome. i’ve done everything billy’s ever put out and i’ve NEVER been pushed to the limit like i was with this one. i encourage you to give it a shot!!!


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