Not So Random Musings…About Control!

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We are rapidly approaching the middle of August (yes already) and I am sobered to reflect on the first half of the year…and all the efforts mounting to take away your freedom not only to choose your health solutions, but to monitor and record what you do in your everyday life. The onerous new health care policy includes phraseology which says IF they determine you are to be vaccinated, you HAVE to take it. That’s not good.

FDA Issues New Warning

On July 30th, the FDA issued a WARNING against the use of MMS. Who knows IF any of these people followed the instructions of how to use it. I doubt it. I’ve used it and had great results. Some people started putting info up saying it’s not safe. Well, just ask the people on their deathbeds from AIDS or Hepatitis in Africa who took it and returned to their families and work in 72 hours. Ask them if this was dangerous or a salvation. Jim Humble has dedicated his life to bringing awareness to the masses about MMS. His work speaks for itself. You can find it at MiracleMineral.org and download the first half of his book for free at http://miraclemineral.org/part1.php

God gave us a brain so we could search, study, weigh the evidence and count the costs. Then it is up to you what you choose to do. Be careful of whom you blindly listen to.

HPV Vaccine Revisited

Just a week or so ago, I saw some stats that probably did not make it to front page new about the results of the HPV vaccine. Two of the predictions I made actually have been verified. One, that it really would not protect against cancer. That is being seen, that people who took that vaccine are still getting cervical cancer.

The second was the more insidious one – that infertility would be a results. That is also being proven out. Of course, it will be a few years before 11 and 12 year olds see

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World…Really…

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November has come and gone very quickly.

For me…I’ve been on the road alot…traveling…training…going through storage units. Ouch! I tell you, I was hurting in places I didn’t know pain existed.

This week is the busiest travel week of the entire year.

I try NOT to travel Thanksgivings week if at all possible. Tomorrow, cops will be out on the road to partake in the ticketing feast they have every year at this time. IF they haven’t made their quota, they get a bonus run over the next few days.

And don’t forget Friday – Black Friday – the day retailers now COUNT on to put them in the black.Are you going to take part in Black Friday events?
Be careful.

Last year a woman got trampled to death, if memory serves me right. There were also a lot of fights and squabbles at stores. THIS year many retailers are increasing

11 Deaths, 28 Miscarriages, 3461 Adverse Reactions: HPV Vaccine’s Dark Side

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The stories are coming in from the UK, Germany, Austria and girlAmerica. Teens, pre-teens and young women are dying after taking the HPV vaccine. A significant portion of women who took the vaccine while pregnant later miscarried. Millions have taken it in Europe and millions are targeted to take it in the US.

There has always been reason to question. But now, even more so. So, it begs the question, "Is the HPV vaccine really safe? "

If you ask the FDA, they’ll say YES…but they’ve said that about

On Marijuana Growing In Canada: New 10 Billion Dollar Cash Crop Puts Vancouver On The Map

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I was at a conference last week and was discussing the boom in the real ht_mar386_200estate  market in Vancouver, BC. I was amazed at how many new high rise apartments and condos that were going up, many right on the waterfront. And they weren’t cheap!

Even with the Winter Olympics slated to happen there soon, I couldn’t help but wonder what would sustain that type of spending past that event.

I was already well aware that Vancouver has become a famous Asian hub. Just my trip through customs

On Britney Spears: What Was Dr. Phil Thinking?

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I couldn’t help but be a little outraged when I heard that Dr. Phil dr-philwas planning a  special on Britney after visiting her in the hospital. Even though he pulled the show, he lost a whole lot of credibility with me. The thought of doing a special on her plight was predatory, whatever the gain to viewers.

Britney has had her share of pain recently. That pain should not have even been considered as media fodder by Dr. Phil. That was insensitive and pure

Another ADHD Med Bites The Dust!

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Where do all the good drugs go?
Or should I say, where do all the CHEAP drugs go?

Today I read that Abbott Labs recently announced that they were pulling the drug Cylert due to declining sales. Well, that isn’t surprising at all. Ask anyone about ADD meds and Cylert never even comes up in the barrage of names they return.

Actually, although this was printed out at work TODAY, the date of this announcement is

Sneaky Little Sneaker

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Well what a week!

You may be saying the same thing too. The 4th has come and gone…and hopefully SOON this 93+ degree whether will do the same.

I didn’t get to fire off any fireworks, primarily because I can’t run from them IN CASE they were packed wrong (come shooting out AT me) – I just love all the colorful ones.

Oh well…there’s always next year.

This week one of those sneaky little sneakers (or should I say ‘dirty rats’) showed his little head – and put a pounding to me. Guess that ends this little relationship. I’ll explain…

I see a physical therapist – one who borrows the clues she has, AND her boss who has a better grip on things. Well, I had to pleasure of being tortured by her boss until…

he SNUCK something in a really tried to hurt me.

Some people FLINCH at pain, some people guard their efforts to avoid pain. Well, for me, I know what my current limitations and what I can do, comfortably or uncomfortably. I push myself probably harder than most AND I am aware

What’s The Beef With Beef?

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I love beef.

Nothing satisfies like a prime cut of beef tenderloin
, especially if it’s sauteed in fresh garlic and butter…

except Beef Wellington.

I grew up eating beef…and lots of it. Our freezer was full of steaks, soup bones, roasts, short ribs and ground beef.

I remember a time when we kids would say, “Not steak again today!” People at school thought we were crazy!

So, you get the gist that we ate beef alot. And so did my folks. However no one in my family had or has had heart disease. No one has high cholesterol.

So why the bad rap for beef?

Well it doesn’t help when wellness guru’s bash beef as though it has always been a pariah.

It hasn’t.

Even though I cringe when I think of it now, my father used to love to eat that rim of fat on his porterhouses.

Still no heart disease.

Again, why the beef with beef?

Well, let’s first defer to your ancestors. But since I don’t know your ancestors, let’s start

Hocus Pocus, Blood Letting and Voodoo

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You might be wondering what the title has to do with health?

Well, when I was training, I was offered several residencies in fields completely different from the one I eventually chose. I recall one of the doctors telling me, “Why are you doing that hocus pocus stuff? You should be doing real medicine. You’re good at it!”

I didn’t take it as anything but a well-meaning comment.
Most people go ‘gaga’ when it comes to dealing with the human mind.

Now guess what they do when I talk about energy spheres, bioelectrical matrices, aromacology, cutting edge nutrition or health augmentation techniques that have nothing to do with drugs or modern medicine? You’re right, they THINK I’ve lost my mind.

But that’s furthest from the truth.

What THEY see as barbaric, primitive or practises close to that of the legendary witch doctors have been studies by leading researchers of pharmaceutical companies looking to develop a DRUG that can do THAT.

The problem is that while drugs are effective, the are not natural and CANNOT be as effective as certain natural remedies in specific instances and situations. Hey when it comes to yeast infections, I’ll be the first to get Monistat. However I will never trust my basic everyday health to a drug company. The reasons will

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