Getting Results: Holding Yourself Accountable

Written by dr. j. Posted in Fitness

January has just past and February is almost over. And I, like many other folks, have once again taken stock of myself and the Special K grab that I can easily do with both hands to my midsection. I decided that it’s time to attend to this protruding abdomen and extra weight I’ve been carrying, set my fitness goals and get my butt back in shape.

I own so many pieces of equipment but they don’t pack into the car easily. I was also tired of carrying this extra tub of lard, not wearing the type of clothes I like and not participating in the type of physical activities that I’m used to.

Or at least that I used to be used to.

So I decided I was ready to change it…really ready this time. If I was going to SUCCEED, I wanted to STACK the deck and the odds heavily in my favor. So, knowing me, and my propensity to start and never finish things, I knew that I needed 3 things to be guaranteed success in this endeavor.

The first was a short range activity/event I really wanted to do that REQUIRED that I be back in shape to do. There were two that came to mind. One of these is hiking to the base of the Grand Canyon doing a shoot. Another was a shoot I wanted to do in August that required hiking up a mountain to an indian ruin. NEITHER of these activites