Dark Moon Rising: The Ultimate Stress You Face Today…

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I have been pondering just how I am going to write this post.

I’ve debated it for several weeks…maybe months.
Actually, I’ve struggled with it…

Yes, I talk about stress on this site…about how it threatens your health, both mental and physical.
Even spiritual.


What happens if, one day you woke up and lacked the power to do anything about it?

What if you could no longer take nutritional supplements, find high quality native foods that function as medicines, or eat food that isn’t loaded with chemicals, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, radiation, viruses/bacteria (because it was grown if raw sewage) or, are just so genetically modified that it lacks any real nutritional value and just make you sick?

What if you lived in a world where you could no longer say “no” to

Where I’ll Be: The Fun Of Moving

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Just in case you wonder where the heck Jack’s gone, I’ll be moving starting tonight.  But the bulk of the move will take place this weekend. I could lose a couple days of internet access though (I’ll cross my fingers). Comcast usually comes through with shining colors. So I anticipate that re-connecting broadband will be a non-event.

After getting caught TWICE in the past week in white out conditions (full of drivers that were more foolish than stupid), I’ll finally be able to cut that drive in 1/2… and have the option of using use back roads just in case there’s

A Reward For Battling Winter’s Wrath

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dominican beach
If you’ve been having a trying time this week with sleet, freezing rain, subzero  weather (aka the arctic blast) or blizzards, like the one I was stuck in for nearly 4 hours tonight, here’s a little reward for putting up a good fight. Call it a mental status break or what. Here’s a little

Unhappy With Your Job? Maybe It’s Time For You To Make Money Doing What You Love

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Is your job driving you crazy? Maybe it’s time to make a change. There are few people that have navigated changing mega successful careers shutterstock_7869196better than Jonathan  Fields. Jonathan went from being a high stressed lawyer closing the big one, right to emergency surgery. Then was back at the grind 2 weeks later to figure out his exit strategy.

And figure it out he did indeed. Jonathan runs the most success yoga center in the country, working only 10 hours per week. He’s a sought after writer, a fitness guru, author and has an upcoming book on how to change careers successfully.

And now Jonathan is taking on a new challenge: teaching. He’s decided to teach his insights and strategies on making the transition to

A Blast From The Past From Pink Floyd

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How about a little blast from the past?

If you’re feeling a little down or could just use a little rockin’ to jack you up, here’s one tune you can listen to. The Google Video version would not consistently embed in all browsers. So, this one will just have to do.

Get a little more FEEL GOOD with Pink Floyd and The Wall.


Pass Me The Quaaludes Please Part 2

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Have you had your share of stress this past week?

I have.

I battled through grueling rush hour traffic just to have the airline cancel my flight – no reason given.

I had hurricaine Katrina cancel out my plans to attend a training in Florida.

I got held up for a hearing.

I found out I will be doing double duty on 2 highly demanding wards because the doc who was supposed to cover decided to take off (again).


I am writing you from yet another airport after not sleeping, driving through torrential blinding rain yet somehow being ahead of the clip.

Yep, no matter how much you try to manage stress, sometime it just is going to rear its head – maybe just to test you or help you build character.


Maybe to give perverse

Just When You Thought It Was Safe

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Labor Day is just around the corner.

When on the road, it pays to be defensive.
It also pays to take the offense.

There’s been a rash of fatal motorcycle accidents in this quadrant
including one where the driver took his eyes off the road and ended
up in a squadron of motorcyclists, killing and maiming a few.

Now although he may have wanted to blame it on his taking his
eyes briefly off the road to check on the baby in the back seat,
the officers couldn’t help but notice the stench of alcohol from his

To top it off, he was driving without a license because…he had
lost it due to drunk driving.

Needless to say the magistrate will probably throw the book at him
and he won’t see the

Pass Me The Quaaludes Please part 1

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It’s Sunday.

7 PM.

You sit down on your easy chair, remote in hand and start surfing. One of your favorite brain dead reality shows comes on and you sink in to enjoy the escape.

But before you really get into the zone, you begin to feel your heart race.

“Drat! Why aren’t weekends three days long…then I’d have some time to really relax.”

Just thinking about going back to the job on Monday sends a ripple through your body that ends squeezing your stomach queezy.

Your last nerve is frazzled.

One more bill…one more phone call…one more demand…


“Go away…just go away.”

You feel like jumping off a cliff would be welcome relief.

“Put me out of my misery.”

You may even be engaging in murderous fantasies of your boss, coworkers, kids, mother-in-law or spouse.


thinking of paying Guido’s cousin (twice removed) 50 bucks to take out