This Spinner Bike Is The Real Deal

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pro spinner bike I love to ride.
I’ve been riding since I was a kid.

So you can say that I’m kinda spoiled when it comes to real bikes. That’s one reason I’ve always hated stationary bikes.

Yes, I’ve owned a few…and forced myself to use them at the health club.
But they weren’t any fun. The fun was missing in that experience.

As were the results of a true roadwork bike.
But no more…

Enter the first stationary bike that has the feel of a racing bikeand the fun.

I had tried other spinner bikes but was deeply disappointed. This one pleases.

I saw the infomercial and there was something uniquely familiar about it. So, I did some research and found the manufacturer. I liked that it had a flywheel with not just resistance but with weighted resistance. I liked the adjustability and that it could be ridden standing up. I liked a lot of what I read.

Then I found a vendor who could get it to me in less than a week, guaranteed. So, as I was just about to pay for it…another vendor appeared who was liquidating the PRO model, which is made for health clubs. This model had  a couple of important improvements, including a heavier flywheel.

However the sweetest part of the deal was that I got it 1/2 off because it was used as a demo model. So…

I got it!

First…I must warn you girls…this thing is not light! I was still rehabbing a leg injury and I can tell you that I’m thankful for the guy at the office who put it in my truck. I struggled to get it out there. So, he came to my rescue in the nick of time! Once we got it in the truck, it SAT there for months before I had the strength to tackle getting it out.

Suffice it to say that the wait was worth it. This bike is totally rad man. It makes me want to get on it…like I feel guilty when I don’t. And, I spend more time on it when I finally do get on it. The results speak for themselves – I’m amazed at how quickly it toned my legs and tightened my body.

This is one piece of equipment I’m planning on keeping until it dies. Thanks Star Trac for a great stationary (spinning) bike.

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