Cleaner Burning Vehicles: Honda Unveils It’s Newest Hydrogen Car

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Well, it’s now a fact.

Honda plans to release it’s new version of the hydrogen car in California in 2008. With 68 mpg and burning only hydrogen, this electric vehicle is touted as quite enviro friendly, with its only waste products be carbon dioxide and water.
honda fcx hydroelectric car

Although the range has been increase by 30% to 270 miles, it still means that it is limited to local uses versus cross country commutes. I do applaud them for the bold move of committing to tackling the problem and offering at least an alternative to gasoline.

I’d like to see a product that has a range of at least 5-700 miles. With prior electromagnetic and solar advances, you’d think we’d have one by now. The question will be whether this or any other new technology will be widely adopted in view of the monopoly and worldwide stranglehold the oil cartel has and the power of their lobbies.

It’s clear that there must be an alternative to the oil standard if we are to survive as a race in view of pollution and greenhouse effects.

To learn more, visit the Honda FCX car site.

Oh yeah…almost forgot…Honda states that you may be able to recharge and refill this car at home. Now THAT would be something.
recharge refuel car at home


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