Taebo Amped: It Ain’t Your Grandma’s Workout

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I finally got off my duff and ordered Taebo Amped. I have get taebo amped several versions of   Taebo, most of which I misplaced during prior moves. So I was anxious to try this one.

I’ve wanted to just go and pick it up in the store but didn’t feel like hassling with trying to find it. So I let my mouse do the walking and bought it on eBay. I had it in my hands in a couple days.

"Is Taebo Amped all hype or is it really something different?"

Well, if you’re REALLY looking for core training that you can feel is working right away, this is the stuff! Just about every move works your core. You can easily modify the workout for lower impact and less intensity. It still works!

And the amplifier is pure genius.


Well, if you’ve ever done bar work, you know that most are 4-5 feet long and not something that travels easily on a plane. Even my collapsible Katami bar is still big and cumbersome in its travel bag. So if using a bar is an important part of your workout, you’re up a creek without a paddle when traveling. taebo amped

But no more.

The Taebo amplifier is a collapsible, weighted bar. It has 3 main positions which are quickly interchangeable. When I first got it, I started working out using my sitting twist routine. And boy did I feel it. I got a BETTER workout than using my longer, weighted bars.

The DVD workouts are challenging. They are essentially interval training workouts, which are  historically one of the most successful in achieving toning and fat burning results. Plus, I wasn’t bored with these workouts.

Taebo Amped got me doing ab work, LOADS of ab work, again. And I was anxious to do it…actually happy to do it. I loved NOT being on the floor to get it done.

So, I’ll give Taebo Amped 2 thumbs up just for getting me to actually work my out of shape core for nearly an hour today. I had a hard time putting it down.

Now that’s saying something.

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