Can Your Energy Drink Keep You Going When You’re On Empty?

Written by dr. j. Posted in Product Reviews

The energy drink phenomena has been sweeping the US. You’d have to be living under a rock to not notice it. The success of drinks like Red Bull are testaments to this. Even Gatorade has gotten a big surge in profits due to American’s desire for instant energy.

But why the success?

Well, just take a look around you. Americans are keeping a way too hectic pace. We want more out of life and, for many reasons, we just don’t have the energy to do everything we want to do.

So we drink lattes, pop ephedra or douse our thirst with the latest sugar-laden energy drink.

Maybe you do this too!

However MUCH of what is out there tastes absolutely horrible. Most lack any real science behind them. Most lack the basic blocks to really supercharge your performance from the inside out…inside your cells that it.

Until now.

A new energy drink was recently released to the market that works by nourishing your cells. The formulator claimed that their drink could optimize performance by optimizing the