One Step Shy Of Heat Stroke…

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Happy 4th of July!

I had the pleasure of driving back home to spend a day rummaging through storage. One of those places was my garage. Interesting thing…in the winter time, this garage felt a little cold and was a nice wind break. However in the summer time, I now knew how well it was insulated for winter.

I darn near passed out!

The worst thing on the trip was…aside from deer waiting to commit suicide on a foggy night…was that the NEW air conditioning unit in my car died. And in 100% humidity on hot day, well, that just didn’t make for a decent cross country drive.

Actually, it was rather miserable. It reminded me of that trips across the Florida panhandle when I was a kid. Except we couldn’t move fast enough to create a draft or breeze. Good thing I was on the interstate. It was simply amazing to drive through

Does Being Mental Mean I’m Crazy?

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Sometimes life has a way of overwhelming you. The everyday problems seem life is stressinsurmountable. You think, "That’s it! Just one more thing and I’ve had it!" Hey, I feel your pain. I’ve been there, literally to hell and back. So before you go and do anything rash, let me share this with you…

I had a problem…one that nearly got the best of me.   And I’m so glad that I’m on the other side of it.
Let me explain…

Many years ago, I fell into a deep, dark depression after an estranged friend of mine killed himself. I predicted that it would happen. Heck it was easy to see; you didn’t need a crystal ball. Yet his family chose to ignore the warning signs. And, he ended his life at 19. I was so distraught, angry, hurt…I wanted to go to the funeral just so I could ring his mother’s neck. I could actually see myself doing it. Not a good sign.

"I told her he would do this." It was a hard time for me, a very hard time. And I just wanted the pain to go away. I contemplated and planned to end my life, and was pretty open about it with my family when asked.

Thanks to God, I got on the other side of that. Mine was what is now called a reactive depression. It occurred due to a crisis of conscious.  I had inadvertently taken

The Effects Of Food On Your Skin

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Today’s article is from guest writer, LaTara Yan Ling. Enjoy!

Your skin is a vital part of your body. Without skin we would literally be bones and blood. Can you picture it? In caring for the body’s delicate covering, we need not only pay attention to what we put on it but what goes in too. When it comes to foods, consumption of processed foods is just not good for the skin.

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘you are what you eat’. If you think about it, it is not just a saying, it is a fact. A part of your body’s make up comes from what you put into it. If you want it to work properly and look its best, you need to feed yourself the nutrients it needs and avoid foods that may damage it. For beautiful skin, you should try to get more fiber and ‘good fats’ in your diet and avoid foods with a lot of sugar. Processed foods can have harmful effects on the skin, so if you want to look younger and healthier, try adding unprocessed, whole, and raw foods to your diet.

When food is cooked and processed, it loses vital nutrients. When you eat processed food like canned vegetables or fruits and boxed foods, you don’t get the nutrients your body needs to function efficiently. This jeopardizes your health, and it shows in your skin. If your skin cells aren’t properly nourished,

Garlic: One Food Loaded With Benefits

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Garlic is a Medicinal Wonder

Garlic belongs to the family Alliaceae and is a close relative of the onion, shallot and leak. It has a pungent, ‘hot’ flavor that mellow and sweetens during the cooking process. The most common part of the garlic that is used is the head of the garlic with the cloves that make it one complete unit. The young floral stem of the garlic is also used for many purposes.

Garlic is believed to have originated in Central Asia. It is now grown all over the world, but it is most popular in China, the Mediterranean, and Latin America.

For more than 5000 years garlic has been valued for its healing properties and its ability to increase the body’s strength and energy. It is said that the builders of the Giza pyramids in Egypt ate garlic to

Pinkeye And Kids: One Mom’s Story

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Today’s article is from guest writer, Maria Meadowcraft. She recently went through a battle with pinkeye, and wanted to share her experience and lessons learned with you. Enjoy!

The old childhood illness of pinkeye has always scarred me. Any time I hear it mentioned it’s in a way that makes me think of contamination and exile, at least for a few days. However, I had never had any personal experience with it, until now.

Yesterday my son came home from kindergarten with a memo saying it was going around the class room, so they did a massive cleaning of their room in hopes of riding this childhood illness. Just as I put the memo down I happened to look at my son, to find he had goopy icky stuff in the corner of both of his eyes. Panic struck me initially, as he has never had these symptoms before, and as a mother I did not want my child with this infection.

What were we going to do?

Conjunctivitis or pinkeye is the most common eye problem kids usually get. It can come with redness, itching, inflammation, or swelling, and yes the goop! This goop is a greenish or

Mission Accomplished! What Results You Can Expect From The Amazing Gallbladder Flush…

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aloeI admit it…I was skeptical.
And that word is never used in my vocabulary.

I’ve done liver flushes before and supposed gallbladder cleanses. I’ve always wondered if they were really doing anything for me. I couldn’t tell. Those prior experiences definitely did nothing to prepared me for the results I got from this one…results I got quickly and predictably.

Yes, I probably would not have tried this flush unless someone I knew had done it AND had gotten results. But still…VISIBLE results? That’s what the Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush claims it delivers…and actually gave me.
Let me explain…

First of all, this was by far the EASIEST flush I’ve ever done. You know…easy on the system. No bitter tea or tincture to choke down every day just because it’s good for me. I didn’t pinch my nostrils, not even once! Even when doing Epsom Salt by

Go Beyond Colon Cleansing: Get The Sludge Out By Flushing Your Liver, Kidney and Gall Bladder

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A few months ago, one of my Canadian friends told me of a program he was  gallstones doing to rid his liver and gallbladder of sludge and gallstones. He had completed his first flush and was literally amazed at what came out.

Now I cannot imagine being so keen on what’s in your stool as to COUNT what comes out, but this is what he did. He told me he had counted HUNDREDS of stones that had passed, along with some other weird stuff he hadn’t a clue as to what it was.

Hummm…a live guinea pig with results".  So, I couldn’t say it didn’t work. The only questions now

P 73: One Of The Best Kept Secrets For Vanquishing Viruses

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I admit it…I’ve been under the weather. oreganol

It appears that I’ve waited 48 years to have my first sinus headache. Except it was more than that.  With all the high winds and animal do, who knows what was in my sinuses.

But it was rearing its head on Sunday. I went around to several health remedies stores looking for my old standby, Cat’s Claw tincture  or concentrated gelcaps (not the dried version). None of the stores had it. So I suffered

The Sweetner You Just Might Want To Avoid…

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When I was young, there was saccharin. Sugar Twin was the brand name and aspartame brain came in little pink packets. Then came the push for a new artificial sweetner, with commercials that claimed that it was made from natural ingredients.

That was more than stretching the truth.

The blue packets and tubes seem here to stay. One of the neurophysicists I worked with told me 2 decades ago that his research indicated that aspartame was a neurotoxin and advised that it