Sonic Toothbrush – Do They Work?

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I’m admit it…
I’m sort of a teeth nut!

Ever since that traumatic experience in high school when the dentist pulled a tooth that had no visible signs of decay and ruined my smile – (well ruined is a little strong) – I’ve been on a quest to maintain pearly whites without the need for butchering by the dentist.

So, maybe in a perverse sort of way, that dentist did me a favor!

Since that time, I’ve tried a whole lot of gadgets and high tech tooth pastes to keep ’em white and healthy.

Then something started happening.

One day, what appear to be a little rock showed up in my mouth. It seemed to have come from a gap between one of my molars. I hadn’t a clue as to what that really was at the time…and mused about it but didn’t see cause for alarm…

until many years later.

You see, it really wasn’t a rock. It was a seed or something that had somehow made it’s way THROUGH my bottom molars. But not through a hole in the tooth…but from a gap between the tooth.

I STILL didn’t ‘get it’ at the time. It later became evident when 2 teeth, 1/2 of my upper smile, seemed to look like Buckey.

“What the hell is that?,” I thought. I don’t suck my thumb (anymore) and I haven’t played a clarinet for years. What was it?

Then the ‘Ah Ha’ moment came. What it was was…

receeding gums.

Yikes!!! How the heckies is THAT occurring? I quit using toothpaste with toxic ingredients in them like what, a decade ago…

So how is this happening?

Well, before I had that moment of realization, I had bought a Sonicare. For years, I had wanted to try one – heckies, anything that can keep them white and healthy, well I was all for it.


if the gums are receeding, they ain’t healthy, no matter how white my teeth are.


I put my Sonicare down and started looking for something that could nurture my gums back to health – and to growing again.

I told you…I’m very self conscious about my smile. And I did not want to lose any more gum.

So I started testing out a bunch of new stuff that is supposed to help the problem. I made sure that the toxic stuff in commercial toothpaste was not in them. I also got the new Crest dual spin brush (I had favorable results with the old one) – this baby cleans good, had SOFT bristles and cost a whopping $6.47 at Wally’s World.

The first stuff I tried, OralDR, well, I wasn’t impressed – especially at the cost of over 30 bucks for a few ounces. I had looked at a lot of natural toothpastes found in health food stores before I ordered the OralDR. Unfortunately a lot of them have chemicals in them.

So when I moved to a new state, the first thing I did was visit the local health store to spy out what they had. I was pleasantly surprise to find the line from Jason Naturals – and so far, I’ve been impressed.

Their product line for oral care is extensive and the best thing, no toxins – like no lauryl sulfates, no propylene glycol, no preservatives and no fluoride.

The one I’m using has tee tree oil, cinammon, aloe and a bunch of antioxidants. On visiting their website, I see that they have a whole bunch of oral products my local co-op doesn’t care.

So…I’ve started to see my gums start to bounce back and grow again. Whew!

Maybe Jason Natural toothpaste can help yours too!

dr. j

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