The Eagle: A Lesson in Determination

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I received an email from a friend of mine this week about bald eagles. Now, I know some things about eagles…that they are the greatest hunters and fishers…and that they can kill a myriad of prey…including mountain goat, fox, bear cubs and deer.  But this was something I didn’t know.

Not only are eagles a picture of grace and power, but also of longevity and determination. I will post what I received below. As you are reading it, think about whether you would do what the eagle did…













When it rains, most birds head for shelter. The eagle is the only bird that, in order to avoid rain, flies above the clouds…

It’s eyesight is formidable. It is said that an eagle can see craters on the moon. It can identify a rabbit moving a mile away. And while flying at an altitude of 1000 feet over open country, it can spot prey over an area of nearly 3 square miles.

Power, grace, determination and longevity…

No wonder man is inspired by the soaring of eagles.


What Are You Doing?

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It’s been a VERY busy month. Heck, it’s been a busy year.

We are just about to start the last quarter of 2009. The moon is nearing 1/2 mast. Fall colors are starting the permeate the air.  And that means winter isn’t far behind. Steamboat already has had a dusting.


 Where are you now in your life…in your goals? And…what are you doing to move closer to what you want?

What are you doing? Nothing? The same old thing?

Time to take another look at exactly WHAT you want and whether it’s worth pursuing…whether it’s worth attaining…and DECIDE to either

Awesome Nature Photos for Sunday

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If you’re anything like me, you love a good photo. They suspend a moment in time for us to feast on forever…or as long as film remains intact.alex neil's nature photo slideshowWe are blessed with many talented outdoor and nature photographers. Just take a look at a copy of National Geographic or Outdoor Photographer, and you’ll know exactly what I mean.The video right above these words showcases 79 of Alex Neil’s photos. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them.Great eye candy. Enjoy!(video will open in a new window)

Lessons To Live By In Peaceful Warrior

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PeacefulWarrior Peaceful Warrior is one of those surprise films I never heard about and easily loved. The messages in it are both powerful and moving.

Nick Nolte is superbly cast as the quiet, reclusive Socrates.  Scott Mechlowicz is convincing in his role throughout the film.

If you haven’t seen it, go out and rent it, or just buy it for your collection as you’re bound to watch it again and again.

Peaceful Warrior is heart warming, well done and deep. You can find it online at Amazon.  It is available as a DVD and as a download movie (just in case you don’t want to go out; Amazon Unbox rocks).  The movie was based on the book, Way Of The Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman and is also available at Amazon. I just ordered mine. Enjoy! Here’s a little clip from the movie.

An Incredibly Cool Photo For You

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anemone Isn’t that so cool?

I love this site. The amount of truly awesome eye candy they offer is impressive. I’ve had this image stashed away inside my computer for years. It never fails to mesmerize me.

If you’re looking for a little  inspiration or just to take a trip to another universe…Go ahead…go over and grab  a pic or two from Digital Blasphemy (weird name, huh?). I’m sure you’ll be as addicted to them as I am.

Here’s a few more to entice you. Let me know what you think!
overseer tropical sunset

Clarity, Belief, Vision – May I Have The Blue Pill?

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There’s so much you can learn from good movies,
especially the ones that inspire.

“If you build it, they will come.” That was one of the messages that was whispered from the depths of the Iowa corn field – “to ease his pain.”

Belief helped that character to level part of that same corn field to build a baseball diamond for a bunch of ghosts. Of course, he did not know that was for whom it was built.

He had a belief that something big, something important was to happen.

Similar belief occurred as Morpheus continued to look for humanity’s savior from the mechanized horde that was enslaving them. Neo didn’t believe it, at first. But as his belief started to grow, so did his strength, fortitude, boldness and courage. Fear diminished and, even with the uncertain, he did not fear death.

He had a new type of sight, of vision. Morpheus frequently asked him, “What do you see?” From his new belief sprang forth a vision and a clarity that even the characters that imparted the initial vision to him did not see.

And he began to believe what was thought to be impossible as possible…

and it became reality.

Whether it be the blue pill of self delusion or the red pill of life as it is, both pills are of your chosing.

Only you can choose what you see.