The Call of the Entrepreuneur

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The documentary explosion is here.

Michael Moore set the stage with his 3 films. His first one gave way to such films as Super Size Me, An Inconvenient Truth and Who Killed The Electric Car. Sicko, a documentary about the state of health care around the westernized world, has recently completed it theater run and is going strong in the rental market.

I for one am thankful for these socially conscious films. More are on the horizon that I’ll review here. Many of these films have very limited showings around the country. If they don’t make it to your neck of the woods, you may be able to purchase a hardcopy or purchase a digital version for immediate download.

One movie I was looking at earlier today was just slightly discounted for a download of nearly 800MG of movie. If I want to see it NOW, well, I’m going to have to pony up – which I more than like will – versus waiting a week or more to get it.

It’s not coming to my neck of the woods anytime soon. So it’s a good that I can just BUY it.

There is another movie in very limited release that is on a subject that is near and dear to my heart – entrepreneuralism; this movie just called to me. Take a look at the trailer. Then check out when (or if) it’s coming to a screen near you. Lucky for me, Action Institute is a couple hours away. Still, with daylight losing time and winter now here, it’ll be easier for me to have it sent to my home versus my making the 2 hour trip there, potentially in ice!

Check it out below,


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