3 Tips On Keeping Warm When It’s Cold Outside

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I live in snow country.
There’s nothing like the crispness of the air in winter. So clean, so energizing. It seems to heighten your senses…to make you feel more alive!


This morning, the blizzard hit. The weather turned to real winter with blowing snow, high winds and a decent accumulation. It was a done deal that I would be staying in today.

What sounded like a lawn mower went off near my window around 4:30AM.  I wondered what was going on. So I got up, peeked out the window and caught look at the pile of snow in front of my patio.

Snow blowers at 4:30 AM on a Sunday! What will they think of next?

No matter how invigorating cold weather is, there are several potentially serious health hazards you need to be aware of. The four most important being hypothermia, frostbite, dehydration and heart attacks. Here are three tips to help keep them away…

Can Organic Farming Really Replace Agribusiness?

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For decades, we’ve been fed the propaganda that conventional farming sedona10a practices are necessary if we are going to feed our populations.

But is that necessarily true?

Environmental journalist, Stephen Leahy, has explored this at length, talked with experts and states that this is all BUNK!

If organic farming can product THREE TIMES as much produce as conventional farming practices in developing countries, then why can’t that happen here? Maybe the better question is, "Why isn’t it happening here?"

I encourage you to visit Stephen’s site to learn more about the answers to this dilemma and why it just makes sense to go organic.


The Popcorn That Kills

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 microwave popcorn killsWait! Don’t do that!

Are you smelling that bag of freshly nuked microwave popcorn? You should think again…for you health’s sake.

A very serious lung disorder has now been linked with doing something as innocent as smelling the aroma of freshly microwaved popcorn.

Apparently the corn producers like ConAgra have been aware

Farma: The Scary Future Of Food

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The most recent future of food conference has recently concluded. The prediction – the future of bioengineering foodstuff is rosy. Bill Gates’ foundation has taken on a noble effort and funded billions of dollars into feeding the worlds’ less fortunate. They, like you, are being fed food that is genetically altered, that is genetically engineered. But what could be the result of such a practise?

In the short run, bellies are full. In the long run, ecosystems

Food Additives and Health: The Case Against MSG

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While I was in medical school, I did research under a March of Dimes grant on MSG (monosodium glutamate), a common food additive. Back then, then damage we saw in rats was reversable IF you stopped giving it to them.

However the case against its use in man is mounting, including one that strongly suggest it has negative metabolic effects and leads to thyroid dysfunction and obesity.

Here’s a clip of a video by Dr. Blaylock on MSG, what problems it can cause and how it is added to your food disguised as something else.


You Are What You Eat! Are You Unknowingly Eating Road Kill And Dead Pets?

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“You are what you eat!”

As the health of Americans continue to decline, more and more information is being uncovered about just how tainted our food supply really is. It’s no wonder that disease and degeneration is RAMPANT in America. This has just got to stop!

I’ve always wondered what happened to all the road kill that’s out there. And now I know.

do you eat dog It isn’t a pretty picture.

We’ve all read about cattle being fed animal

Is Bottle Water BAD For You?

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There has been a quiet storm rising.

Bottle water – it ain’t as good as it is crack up to be.
Billions of bottle are sold each year in the US alone. It is really BIG business now.

So isn’t bottle water SUPPOSED to be better? Not necessarily. In Houston, well, almost anything’s better than tap water. But that isn’t true across the country.

Inside these bottles has been found bacteria, chemicals and

What Is Wellness?

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There is a major movement in America towards the concept of ‘wellness’. Other countries have accepted this as their baseline doctrine for thousands of years. Now we in the U.S. are moving towards a better understanding of it…and how to integrate it into our lives.

But the question remains: “What is wellness”?

I don’t think ‘wellness’ is just the opposite of ‘sickness’. It is not about warding off bad things…but more about keeping in

Whatever Happened to the Asian Flu?

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For a while there, we heard about it with seeming regularity.

Then nothing!

Whatever happened to what was being touted as potentially the biggest vector mediated threat to human existance?

I was wondering that myself and revisited the pandemic flu map below.

World Pandemic Map

Unfortunately, it hadn’t been updated. Then I found the updated document which gives details more about what has been happening around the world with this outbreak. Check out the document link below to get yourself updated.

Update On The Asian Flu pdf


Another Section Bites The Dust

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