Conspiracy Theory or Delusion? You Decide…

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Today, I received a link from one of my Canadian friends who recalled our stop darfur genocide last conversation a few weeks ago regarding threats to our health due to nutrient deficient and genetically altered foods.  She stated that one of her good friends sent it to her…and that she was shocked by the film and thought I’d appreciate it. There isn’t an easy way to introduce this film except to say, "Watch it…then you decide. "

This is part 4, 5 and 6 of the documentary movie called, Esoteric Agenda. There are currently

The Super Size Me Star’s New Experiment

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super size meFrom the guy who brought you the documentary, Super Size Me, comes the  McDonald’s experiment.  He asks this question:

"How does McDonald’s food break down in my body?"  The results may surprise you.

In this experiment, he takes several of McDonald’s sandwiches and fries, and put them in clear glass containers. Then films how they decompose.

Drugs In Your Drinking Water? Say It Isn’t So!

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water A new report today from the Associated Press revealed an alarming finding:  numerous pharmaceutical drugs in drinking wateryour municipal drinking water.

41 Millions Americans are estimated to be exposed.

The type of drugs found? Pain meds (tylenol, motrin), seizure drugs, mood stabilizers, steroids, cholesterol and asthma meds, and even antibiotics and drugs that treat mental illness showed up on analysis.

The worse city cited in the article?

Microwaved Water Kills: See The Experiment

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the microwave experiment I’ve been reading the discussion about my previous article on the dangers of microwave ovens and how I believe they are very bad for your health. It’s interesting how some people justify their continued use of them by stating that there is no definitive proof that they are bad!

One guy even stated that there are no studies that SHOW that they are bad for people…and until he saw one, he

Could You Be Eating Sick Beef?

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patagonian ranchA couple of weeks ago, the largest recall of beef in U.S. history occurred. Over 143 million    pounds of raw and frozen beef were recalled by the FDA. The concern? Downer cows were being slaughtered and included into the meat you and I eat.

What are downer cows?

These are cows that

11 Deaths, 28 Miscarriages, 3461 Adverse Reactions: HPV Vaccine’s Dark Side

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The stories are coming in from the UK, Germany, Austria and girlAmerica. Teens, pre-teens and young women are dying after taking the HPV vaccine. A significant portion of women who took the vaccine while pregnant later miscarried. Millions have taken it in Europe and millions are targeted to take it in the US.

There has always been reason to question. But now, even more so. So, it begs the question, "Is the HPV vaccine really safe? "

If you ask the FDA, they’ll say YES…but they’ve said that about

FDA Rules Eating Cloned Foods Safe!

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not_milkA few days ago, the FDA came through with their ruling on the safety of  consuming cloned meat and milk. I’m not sure where they got theie data or enough information to make such a statement. I’m quite sure not a one of them ate or drank the items in question. However and nonetheless, the FDA ruled that cloned food is safe for human consumption.

This means that you may soon be eating meat and drinking milk from .

Apparently this ruling goes against the will of Congress that

Tainted Dog Food Victims Get Settlement

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It only seems like a few months ago we were wogshepardrking to save my nurse’s dog’s  life. He was exposed to tainted dog food; food that was subsequently removed from store shelves.  She couldn’t remember the brand. But she still recalls the vigil she stood over her dog. Her vet didn’t know if the dog would make it. However after adding a natural green food product to the dogs treatment regimen, he perked up and is alive today.

There were a lot of dogs and cats that got sick and died due to  contamination of an ingredient imported from China. That shouldn’t surprise anyone. Chinese products have been getting a lot of front page exposure late. There were headlines due to toxins in various

Pig Brains Exposure Linked To Mysterious Illness

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big pig I’ve been following this story for the past few weeks.

11 workers in a Minnesota pork processing plant have come down with a strange neurological ailment which is said to be due to inhaling pig brains. One stated that she’s gotten progressively weaker over the 15 years she’s worked there…but never thought that it was due to the brains. The first thing I thought was, "Don’t they just throw the heads away?" And my second more grizzly thought was, "What are doing with the brains? What are they putting pig brains in?"

Have You Had A Little Fun Today?

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c91 I’ve had fun today. Did you?

Life is meant to be so much, to be everything we can make of it. So, what did you do with today? Did you have any fun? Well… did ya? I hope you did because it was an exceptionally beautiful day…one you really didn’t want to let slip by without putting your mark on it.

Let me tell you a little about my day…