The Popcorn That Kills

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 microwave popcorn killsWait! Don’t do that!

Are you smelling that bag of freshly nuked microwave popcorn? You should think again…for you health’s sake.

A very serious lung disorder has now been linked with doing something as innocent as smelling the aroma of freshly microwaved popcorn.

Apparently the corn producers like ConAgra have been aware

of the dangers it has posed for quite some time. They’ve even named it "popcorn worker’s lung." But this is the first time its been acknowledged in the lay public. This disorder destroys lung tissue.

The offending agent is diacetyl, which helps to give microwave popcorn that buttery flavor.  It is in several of the most popular brands, including Orville Redenbacker and Act II. Apparently there are PLANS to remove this from the popcorn, but only who knows when.

You can read more about this story at the NY Times website.


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