You Are What You Eat! Are You Unknowingly Eating Road Kill And Dead Pets?

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“You are what you eat!”

As the health of Americans continue to decline, more and more information is being uncovered about just how tainted our food supply really is. It’s no wonder that disease and degeneration is RAMPANT in America. This has just got to stop!

I’ve always wondered what happened to all the road kill that’s out there. And now I know.

do you eat dog It isn’t a pretty picture.

We’ve all read about cattle being fed animal products; it was front page news. This led to the scourge of Mad Cow disease. However the rabbit hole goes deeper than that.

What happens if you were unknowingly submitting yourself to eating the remains of all animals killed in animal shelters, veterinary clinics, feed lots, medical labs and carcasses found decomposing in the forest or laying by the road?

We’re talking cats, dogs, monkeys, pigs, cattle, deer and potentially a whole gamut of other critters.

If that isn’t bad enough, what happens if the diseases they were carrying, the cancers they had and the experimental DRUGS they were given, were ALL being consumed by and fed to YOU?

Scary thought, itsn’t it?

Unfortunately, it IS going on.

Those same animals are being fed to the chicken, fish, beef, pork and farm raised fish and shellfish (eg. shrimp) you eat every day! This IS the same as you eating them, because not only are you what you eat…you are what you eat EATS!

Recall that a few months ago, tainted pet food was removed from the shelves that made a lot of dogs very sick. Many of those dogs died.

And that was JUST tainted pet food.
I wonder what was in that pet food?

So, think about this…

What happens when the food WE rely on eating is fed things that are not fit for human consumption? What happens when the food we eat is fed POISON?

I think you catch my drift here.

Your food supply is being contaminated and poisoned.
Your health is being contaminated and poisoned.
YOU are being contaminated and poisoned.

Even vegetarians are not exempt here. Many of those same animals are turned into fertilizer and added to the soil of the fruits and vegetables you eat. Thus, you are exposed to the same problem.

And if you think that you’re immune to the problem by eating fish coming from overseas, think again. Much of this animal byproduct protein “meal” is shipped overseas and fed to their farmed fish and seafood, which is later exported BACK to the US and sold to you in your local grocery store.

It’s no reason why our peoples are sick and getting sicker.

Isn’t it time to STOP the Insanity?

To learn more about the problem, here are a few resources. Below is a PDF on animal rendering (how dead animals are turned into food for you) and a picture of the process. Finally I’ll add a link here to the site for those of you interested in CLEAN pet food and animal rescue.


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