Farma: The Scary Future Of Food

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The most recent future of food conference has recently concluded. The prediction – the future of bioengineering foodstuff is rosy. Bill Gates’ foundation has taken on a noble effort and funded billions of dollars into feeding the worlds’ less fortunate. They, like you, are being fed food that is genetically altered, that is genetically engineered. But what could be the result of such a practise?

In the short run, bellies are full. In the long run, ecosystems are disrupted and destroyed. This would spell disaster for your health. Already shockwaves can be felt in the ecosystem. Bees are dying, crops are more easily disrupted and destroyed by disease and extremes of weather. In people, disease and degenerative disorders are at epidemic proportions, especially in America, and it’s just getting worse.

Bioengineered food CHANGES what that food was meant to do in your body. Sure it may look like corn and taste like corn. But splicing some genes could change that corn into something that damages your body, instead of nourishing it. It’s like the idea of RoundUp ready soybeans…who the heck would EAT or FEED livestock soybeans that THRIVE in POISON? That’s what an herbicide is. Makes you wonder if something that thrives in poison is indeed a poison itself!

It’s no wonder why allergic, immune and autoimmune conditions are so rampant today.

Now…consider this…

WHAT if you could add DRUGS to your food through genetic engineering? I mean fungicides, mycotoxins, insectivides – by adding them to the GENES INSIDE the seed that produces your food? Introducing Farma.

Here’s a great little video which will bring you up to speed on how this came about – and what is the future of food.


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