It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World…Really…

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November has come and gone very quickly.

For me…I’ve been on the road alot…traveling…training…going through storage units. Ouch! I tell you, I was hurting in places I didn’t know pain existed.

This week is the busiest travel week of the entire year.

I try NOT to travel Thanksgivings week if at all possible. Tomorrow, cops will be out on the road to partake in the ticketing feast they have every year at this time. IF they haven’t made their quota, they get a bonus run over the next few days.

And don’t forget Friday – Black Friday – the day retailers now COUNT on to put them in the black.Are you going to take part in Black Friday events?
Be careful.

Last year a woman got trampled to death, if memory serves me right. There were also a lot of fights and squabbles at stores. THIS year many retailers are increasing their security to try to stay the madness.

One person I know, my manager, has publically announced her plans to be at the stores by 4 AM.

Is she INSANE?

Nope! Just a Black Friday bargain shopper.

I’ll be in BED at that time…kissing my pillows and having dreams of whatever…not of sugar plum fairies nor crazed bargain shoppers giving me the evil eye that I got the last of something they wanted. I’ll just sleep through it all.

On this Thanksgivings Day, I take time special time to reflect on the things I am very grateful and thankful for. One of those things is YOU.

Enjoy the holiday.
Be thankful.
Be safe.
Guard your credit card.
Be well!


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