Does Prozac Make You Wack Your Spouse?

Written by dr. j. Posted in Rants

I can see the headlines now…

“Housewife wacks husband. Claims prozac made her do it. Details at 6.”

Now there was a time when a certain subset of people claimed that they felt a little more murderous while on prozac. I noticed this when I was working with a group of VietNam veterans that had PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). Interestingly enough, every one that I worked with who had had this “feeling”, took personal responsibility for it, stopped the medication and reported how they felt so we could list it as an adverse effect to help insure that they would never get this medication again.

No lawsuits. No headlines. Just action.

THEY EACH took responsibility for how they felt and made a change. They did not use it as an excuse to go out and wack someone – then blame the medication for the action. Heck they COULD have – as they were some of the most highly trained killers our society produced for warfare.

However these ‘killers’ grew up in an era of conscience, social awareness and patriotism. They had good role models, heroes of substance, values and a strong value system. They knew what respect, responsibility and commitment were. And most were brought up with an understanding and fear of God.

They were not homocidal maniacs.

So when the medications made them feel a way the did not want to feel, they each took personal responsibility for how they felt and choose to not feel that way…and they

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