Sneaky Little Sneaker

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Well what a week!

You may be saying the same thing too. The 4th has come and gone…and hopefully SOON this 93+ degree whether will do the same.

I didn’t get to fire off any fireworks, primarily because I can’t run from them IN CASE they were packed wrong (come shooting out AT me) – I just love all the colorful ones.

Oh well…there’s always next year.

This week one of those sneaky little sneakers (or should I say ‘dirty rats’) showed his little head – and put a pounding to me. Guess that ends this little relationship. I’ll explain…

I see a physical therapist – one who borrows the clues she has, AND her boss who has a better grip on things. Well, I had to pleasure of being tortured by her boss until…

he SNUCK something in a really tried to hurt me.

Some people FLINCH at pain, some people guard their efforts to avoid pain. Well, for me, I know what my current limitations and what I can do, comfortably or uncomfortably. I push myself probably harder than most AND I am aware of the potential to reinjure an injury.

My physical therapist THOUGHT (maybe me didn’t think) that he would sneak in some punishment, and maybe that would break up the scar tissues and adhesions…

without my permission!

What happened next was:

1) he dropped my leg – I cannot hold it against gravity – I can only tell you how painful that was
2) as he was helping to passively bend my leg, he jerkily FORCED it
3) he added an ankle weight while my back was turned

All of these were just poor form and served to traumatize the knee joint, not break anything apart. I had been telling them for months that the drainage hole was ATTACHED to the tissue beneath it.

Hummm…guess that attachment is more like a ROOT – darn thing just doesn’t want to go away and has grabbed the muscle and tendons below it, limiting their motion.

So it is quite obvious that it HAS to be cut – darn that scar tissue.

The concern was that, well, everyone told me that the NEXT step was to be put to sleep and have the knee PASSIVELY bent. This seemed a little neanderthal to me. Knowing how steadfast and resilient that darn piece of scar tissue is (must be quite fibrous), I couldn’t see how THAT would work without damaging the underly muscles and tendons.

I just couldn’t see that being anything but a primative undertaking.

Good thing my orthopod allayed my concerns by stating that he would scope it (I DID think he needed to SEE what was going on before bending it) and do the passive thing. If this fails, then maybe we would have to consider a tendon release down the road.

Well…I DOUBT this would fail. Everything else is getting stronger.

I just cannot (and WILL NOT) afford further trauma from sneaky little sneakers.

So…imagine my delight when I said…

“Sir…you are FIRED!”

On to the next one…


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