Hocus Pocus, Blood Letting and Voodoo

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You might be wondering what the title has to do with health?

Well, when I was training, I was offered several residencies in fields completely different from the one I eventually chose. I recall one of the doctors telling me, “Why are you doing that hocus pocus stuff? You should be doing real medicine. You’re good at it!”

I didn’t take it as anything but a well-meaning comment.
Most people go ‘gaga’ when it comes to dealing with the human mind.

Now guess what they do when I talk about energy spheres, bioelectrical matrices, aromacology, cutting edge nutrition or health augmentation techniques that have nothing to do with drugs or modern medicine? You’re right, they THINK I’ve lost my mind.

But that’s furthest from the truth.

What THEY see as barbaric, primitive or practises close to that of the legendary witch doctors have been studies by leading researchers of pharmaceutical companies looking to develop a DRUG that can do THAT.

The problem is that while drugs are effective, the are not natural and CANNOT be as effective as certain natural remedies in specific instances and situations. Hey when it comes to yeast infections, I’ll be the first to get Monistat. However I will never trust my basic everyday health to a drug company. The reasons will become obvious over the next few paragraphs.

Nutritional products are not drugs – that’s why they cannot be patented. Nonetheless, drug companies continue to lobby to gain control over the nutraceutical field. CONTROL, not just to enter it. This is purely out of greed. Period. There cannot be any other explaination.

Just look at their efforts to get certain supplements outlawed (like natural prohormones) – I recall when Dymetridrine 25 was taken off the market because…it was TOO effective. The corrollary is, if something is THAT effective, it SHOULD be a DRUG. Nonsense!

And God help us if they do gain control over it.


Only drug companies can make CLAIMS about the effectiveness of their product for treating a specific disease state or malady – and that right is protected by LAW.

That’s pretty effective lobbying don’t you think?

Also, what is the #1 mantra for a pharmaceutical company? PROFIT! Period.

How would you like only synthetic vitamins to be on the market (they are patentable)? Or worse yet, a continuance of the mass produced ineffective mineral supplements that currently exist (they are very CHEAP and very profitable)?

How would you like the costs to be HIGHER (for crap) and ASTRONOMICAL for the good stuff? Or, the cost to be real cheap but the supplement to be worthless?

Or, how would you like to have your choices reduced to only ineffective supplements?

I wouldn’t.

Hasn’t anyone asked, with the last 5-10 years of propaganda going on about calcium and osteoporosis, and the deluge of products and advertising that has followed, WHY THEN is the problem WORSE?

Two reasons:

1) the supplements widely touted and prescribed by medical practitioners AND those readily available over the counter do not fix the problem (ie. only improving the blood levels of calcium has nothing to do with getting it INTO the cells, or into the osteoporetic back or hip joint – however it DOES have to do with getting calcium deposited in soft tissues and probably the formation of bone spurs)

2) there is no profit in CURE!

Read that last line again.

I remember years ago (about two decade ago) when we were talking about the AIDS epidemic. The immunologists predicted that it would be managed just like cancer is. No cure, ever!

And that is indeed what has come to pass.

There was a time when I was told that people would not pay for prevention, just for cure. Now the most shocking thing is, there is no cure.

When I was in medical school, there were only TWO things we were told that we could cure: pregnancy with delivery…and life with death.

Everything else is an ongoing battle. You’re either winning it or losing it.

Everyday your body has a whole host of specialized cells that hunt for diseased, damaged or mutated cells. Their job is to kill or eradicate them.


Everyday in your body some cell is becoming cancerous. And, some OTHER specialized cell takes care of the problem.


that is, unless you’ve damaged the process. Then the mutated, diseased, cancerous cells start gaining on you….and after they’ve gain enough strength, you suffer their wrath.

So how healthy are you? 80% healthy? 90% healthy? 65% healthy? Not healthy?

Why not shoot for optimum health and peak performance – for radiant health and abundant energy.

You never know when the next bioweapon will be tested on our soil.

Remember Hunta and West Nile?

Dr. J

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