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Floridian Warns: Don’t Jump In The Water!

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Its hot in Florida. Many times, you might think about taking a plunge in a  gator nearby water hole. But Floridians know better. This is the land of the gator and many ain’t afraid of man.

Unfortunately one man didn’t know the rule.

Recently a robbery suspect jumped into a retaining pond to evade police and was subsequently killed by the resident alligator. Apparently there were several people who urged him to get out but

High Density Vertical Growing: The Urban Solution?

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High Density Vertical Growing or HDVG is a crop production method that can Veggiegrow-Oct-10--2007-012grow a large variety of fruit and leaf food crops in a small space. Should there be a problem with land deliveries of supplies (eg. oil embargo, infrastructure damage, terrorism), this could be the answer to providing high quality nutritious foods locally.

Kudos to Valcent for their newest entry into the market. If it can do what they say it can do, it will be nothing less than revolutionary. Valcent boasts that their system can grow food crops  with 95% less water than what it would take to grow the same crop in a field, with a 20 times greater yield  and

Lakota Sioux Declare Independence From US

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This story hits home.lakota press
It may change your world.
It does mine.

The Lakota Sioux nation is well represented in Nebraska where I live. On  December 18, it served notice to the US, asserting itself as a sovereign nation. They will issue their own passports and drivers license and there will be no income tax for those who renounce their US citizenship. Lakota land spans 5 states (NE, SD, ND, WY, MT).

"We are no longer citizens of the United States of America and all those who live in the five-state area that encompasses our country are free to join us

Is Great Tasting Superfood A Myth?

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Have you tried to eat ‘good’ and fiStock_000003003867XSmallound many of the foods you were told to eat just taste plain nasty?

How about the green drinks? Found any that taste milder than cut grass or moldy seaweed? Yuk!

Are you shaking your head, "I know what you mean?"

When it comes to finding something super dense in nutritional value, that your palate can stomach, that doesn’t elicit the ralph response, well, the pickins are slim. That is until now.

Red Exerciser: Does It Really Work?

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  red exerciser
I’m always amazed at the power of infomercials. I usually watch them from Saturday night to Sunday morning, to see who’s pushing what…and anything that is new or revolutionary. I’ve learned from several of the top guys in the business that crafting one, a successful and profitable one, is the art. Specific segments of that market respond to different proven formulas. These formulas get you to respond…whether or not the product is valid or not.

 influence Robert Cialdini wrote the book on Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, and infomercial creators took note. One of the biggest KEY points to convincing others to do as you want is social proof. Infomercial USE this through their use of testimonials, stories from

So What’s In A Chicken McNugget Exactly?

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Al Nye has written an informative and light post about what goes into that juicy golden arches delight called chicken McNuggets. These ingredients don’t go into the famous parts and parts of parts parody that was effectively and prominently used by Wendy’s when they launched their own chicken product.

mcnuggets However the amount of synthetic ingredients derived from petrochemicals is alarming. Check out his entertaining and informative post. It’ll make you think thrice before ordering them.


Experience The Strange, The Bizarre, The Odd…

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I’ve been debating whether to start a section that goes a little beyond marty feldman humor…that has to do with good ole plain fun. So, after debating for a week or two, I’ve decided…why not?

However, I just couldn’t pass on passing on this rare find that earns its way into both the fun and humor section. I had to toss a coin on this (ok…I ate a piece of pound cake while musing over it) and decided…humor wins out.


Well, with pieces like the 20 Ugliest Celebrities (I bet you know who

Have You Had A Little Fun Today?

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c91 I’ve had fun today. Did you?

Life is meant to be so much, to be everything we can make of it. So, what did you do with today? Did you have any fun? Well… did ya? I hope you did because it was an exceptionally beautiful day…one you really didn’t want to let slip by without putting your mark on it.

Let me tell you a little about my day…

Will Smith’s I Am Legend Breaks Record

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Neither rain nor sleet nor winter blizzard conditions kept movie gwill smithoers away from seeing I Am Legend. It has broken December’s debut box office record with an impressive $76.5 million for its first weekend run.

It also broke Will Smith’s own record, topping movies like I Robot and Men In Black II. It even did better than the previous crown owner, Return Of The King from Peter Jackson’s Lord Of Rings Trilogy.

3 Tips On Keeping Warm When It’s Cold Outside

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I live in snow country.
There’s nothing like the crispness of the air in winter. So clean, so energizing. It seems to heighten your senses…to make you feel more alive!


This morning, the blizzard hit. The weather turned to real winter with blowing snow, high winds and a decent accumulation. It was a done deal that I would be staying in today.

What sounded like a lawn mower went off near my window around 4:30AM.  I wondered what was going on. So I got up, peeked out the window and caught look at the pile of snow in front of my patio.

Snow blowers at 4:30 AM on a Sunday! What will they think of next?

No matter how invigorating cold weather is, there are several potentially serious health hazards you need to be aware of. The four most important being hypothermia, frostbite, dehydration and heart attacks. Here are three tips to help keep them away…