Is Great Tasting Superfood A Myth?

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Have you tried to eat ‘good’ and fiStock_000003003867XSmallound many of the foods you were told to eat just taste plain nasty?

How about the green drinks? Found any that taste milder than cut grass or moldy seaweed? Yuk!

Are you shaking your head, "I know what you mean?"

When it comes to finding something super dense in nutritional value, that your palate can stomach, that doesn’t elicit the ralph response, well, the pickins are slim. That is until now.

I recently came across a great tasting whole food concentrated blend, full of fruits and vegetables, that is easy to use, tastes delicious, stays down and makes me feel great. I can actually FEEL better taking it.

And…get this…KIDS actually drink the stuff and LIKE it. If that isn’t a taste test winner, I don’t know what is. 

What I liked best (besides that it tastes good) is that it’s grown on rich soil, full of minerals, using organic practices. So the plants can get them, bundle them up and pass them on to me in the way the human body was supposed to take them in…complexed to proteins and enzymes.

Now I always get a good, nutritious breakfast…and it only takes me a few seconds. This stuff has become part of my daily regimen.

Convenient, economical, whole food nutrition…just what the body ordered. The FDA recently revamped the food pyramid and suggested 5-9 NewFoodPyramid servings of whole fruits and vegetables A DAY with others studies suggesting 13. THIRTEEN? I have a hard enough time getting 5 in.

I bet you do too!

So why take a bunch of synthetic vitamin supplements that are potentially bad for you (most are petroleum derivatives) and food with questionable nutritional value, picked only god knows when…when you can take your nutrients as nature intended, food at its peak nutritional value, full of enzymes, cofactors and all the vitamins and minerals you need?

I BET people would be less sick if they returned to the way we used to eat, even 50 years ago.  It is all about getting living nutrition. And doesn’t it make sense that life breeds life?

To learn more, get the audio Unleash The Life Within. We’ll send it free to you by email right away. Let me know what you think!

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