Have You Had A Little Fun Today?

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c91 I’ve had fun today. Did you?

Life is meant to be so much, to be everything we can make of it. So, what did you do with today? Did you have any fun? Well… did ya? I hope you did because it was an exceptionally beautiful day…one you really didn’t want to let slip by without putting your mark on it.

Let me tell you a little about my day…

I started this morning peering out the window, looking at my snow covered truck. After cleaning it off, I headed to work, putting it in four wheel drive for the journey. The roads were sloppy and a little icy. The air, deliciously crisp.

I entered the ice covered parking lot using the main entrance for a change and walked to the front lobby in my hiking boots. My roster of clients was full today…actually overfull, as we had a couple surprise urgent needs. festus c78 
I spent the day singing to my clients
as I greeted them and listening to their problems; then working through solutions. Several times I was thanked for being an uplifting, happy, cheerful face in the doldrum of prison life. I always like to keep it real with my clients, and they appreciate the down-to-earth approach.

I worked straight through (my usual way of doing things) and left to make a quick trip home before heading off to FedEx. Then back home for the evening.

Dinner was warmed pastrami, no rye, just pastrami. Then on to some reading three stoogesand a coaching appointment. I had stumbled upon a metaphysical lecture on The Hidden Secrets of Christ and am finishing it while typing this post.

I do have a little more writing to do tonight…and I probably should get on the bike for at least 10 minutes. I should… 

Productive day so far
…and I had boatloads of fun doing it. Even though it’s late, I’m still tempted to go roll in the snow. It’s bitter cold outside, so I’ll resist that impulse.

So, what has your day been like? Did you make your day fun?

Think about it…there are two ways you could have gone through today…
1) you could have experienced today as a blessing, or
2) your could have endured today as a burden.

Which one was it for you?

When you look at all of what you have to be thankful for, you could bring more joy in your life by starting your day being thankful for what you have…thankful for being ALIVE!
marx bros
I start and end my day in thanks
…thanks that I had another day to DO with…and thankful for having DONE that day. I’m thankful for the roof over my head, for the food I have, for the heat in my place, for the high speed internet connection that’s on, for my computer that is working, for the LCD I use, for the job I love, for the ability to make a difference, for my friends and family, for my health and for my insanely positive outlook…just to mention a few.

I try not to take the gift of life for granted. That keeps me forever grateful. I look to have more joy in life and to share it. So, I inadvertently have more joy.

And being joyful is so much fun!

So I’ll ask you again…have you had a little fun today? 
And if you didn’t, why the heck not?c80

Before you spew out your excuses, riddle me this batman…Who does not having a joyful, fun day affect the most? Hummm? Wouldn’t you prefer to lose the excuses and get on with it already?

I invite you to make living every day a joyous event. Have fun! It’s good medicine.


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