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I’ve been debating whether to start a section that goes a little beyond marty feldman humor…that has to do with good ole plain fun. So, after debating for a week or two, I’ve decided…why not?

However, I just couldn’t pass on passing on this rare find that earns its way into both the fun and humor section. I had to toss a coin on this (ok…I ate a piece of pound cake while musing over it) and decided…humor wins out.


Well, with pieces like the 20 Ugliest Celebrities (I bet you know who made #1),  15 Unfortunately Placed Ads,  the 15 Stupidest Warning Labels7 Incredible Natural Phenomena You’ve Never Seen, 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Pavarotti, 10 Most Shocking Things Found On People’s Stomachs and the pure eye candy piece on the 7 Wonders of Ultramodern Dubai, well, this site deserves a 10 for stickiness of hot content AND it’s wonderfully entertaining.  It’ll become one of your favorites too!

toilet sign2 Take a visit and you’ll see what I mean. I’ve spent nearly 90 minutes here and had to pull myself away. The links are down the right side to even more gems.

Let me know what you think!   

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