Will Smith’s I Am Legend Breaks Record

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Neither rain nor sleet nor winter blizzard conditions kept movie gwill smithoers away from seeing I Am Legend. It has broken December’s debut box office record with an impressive $76.5 million for its first weekend run.

It also broke Will Smith’s own record, topping movies like I Robot and Men In Black II. It even did better than the previous crown owner, Return Of The King from Peter Jackson’s Lord Of Rings Trilogy.

"It’s nice to be in the Will Smith business, " said Dan Fellman, head of distribution for Warner Bros. "He is just the No. 1 box-office star in the world today."

If I Am Legend wasn’t scary enough for you, just wait a week or so – Aliens vs Predator II will more than meet your needs.

You can still get an overview of the movie and read the script of Legend here. It is an excellent read, evokes loads of imagery and, you get a real feel for the movie…like you actually saw it. If you like Poe, you’ll like this.

"Yo Will…you da man!"

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