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11 Deaths, 28 Miscarriages, 3461 Adverse Reactions: HPV Vaccine’s Dark Side

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The stories are coming in from the UK, Germany, Austria and girlAmerica. Teens, pre-teens and young women are dying after taking the HPV vaccine. A significant portion of women who took the vaccine while pregnant later miscarried. Millions have taken it in Europe and millions are targeted to take it in the US.

There has always been reason to question. But now, even more so. So, it begs the question, "Is the HPV vaccine really safe? "

If you ask the FDA, they’ll say YES…but they’ve said that about

On Marijuana Growing In Canada: New 10 Billion Dollar Cash Crop Puts Vancouver On The Map

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I was at a conference last week and was discussing the boom in the real ht_mar386_200estate  market in Vancouver, BC. I was amazed at how many new high rise apartments and condos that were going up, many right on the waterfront. And they weren’t cheap!

Even with the Winter Olympics slated to happen there soon, I couldn’t help but wonder what would sustain that type of spending past that event.

I was already well aware that Vancouver has become a famous Asian hub. Just my trip through customs

FDA Rules Eating Cloned Foods Safe!

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not_milkA few days ago, the FDA came through with their ruling on the safety of  consuming cloned meat and milk. I’m not sure where they got theie data or enough information to make such a statement. I’m quite sure not a one of them ate or drank the items in question. However and nonetheless, the FDA ruled that cloned food is safe for human consumption.

This means that you may soon be eating meat and drinking milk from .

Apparently this ruling goes against the will of Congress that

Stop Smoking In Days! The Little Pill That Could

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"I think I can, I think I can. I know I can, I know I can."thanks for smoking
I failed again.
But no more!

No longer will you have to recant the mantra from the little train that could. You can stop smoking, eliminate your cravings and lose the rebound effects commonly associated with smoking cessation, like weight gain and substitute vices.

The smoking cessation pill

61 Movies That Will Make You Laugh

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I collect movies. Good ones, moving ones, unusual ones, trippy B movies and  extremely well crafted and well written ones. However, one thing that I never fail to do is to keep on the lookout for fun, funny, silly and just plain stupid ones that give you the deepest of all belly laughs.

Why? Laughter is just good medicine. If I ever think I’m starting to take life (or myself) a little too seriously, then it’s time to pop in one of the movies on this list. Several of them I travel with and recommend to widely to friends and clients. As far as this list goes, I

Unhappy With Your Job? Maybe It’s Time For You To Make Money Doing What You Love

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Is your job driving you crazy? Maybe it’s time to make a change. There are few people that have navigated changing mega successful careers shutterstock_7869196better than Jonathan  Fields. Jonathan went from being a high stressed lawyer closing the big one, right to emergency surgery. Then was back at the grind 2 weeks later to figure out his exit strategy.

And figure it out he did indeed. Jonathan runs the most success yoga center in the country, working only 10 hours per week. He’s a sought after writer, a fitness guru, author and has an upcoming book on how to change careers successfully.

And now Jonathan is taking on a new challenge: teaching. He’s decided to teach his insights and strategies on making the transition to

Are You Indigo?

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Have you ever wondered if some of the difficulties that you’ve been having in aurora borealis and with the world are genetic? Going deeper than just family ties and proclivities, almost like you were programmed to be something different because you’re hardwired different? What if your behavior, responses and desires are coded in your DNA as your driving program?

I’ve worked with thousands of people and know that most people operate in patterns. It’s only very recently that I’ve been exposed to a concept of having mission and life’s purpose encoded

On Britney Spears: What Was Dr. Phil Thinking?

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I couldn’t help but be a little outraged when I heard that Dr. Phil dr-philwas planning a  special on Britney after visiting her in the hospital. Even though he pulled the show, he lost a whole lot of credibility with me. The thought of doing a special on her plight was predatory, whatever the gain to viewers.

Britney has had her share of pain recently. That pain should not have even been considered as media fodder by Dr. Phil. That was insensitive and pure