FDA Rules Eating Cloned Foods Safe!

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not_milkA few days ago, the FDA came through with their ruling on the safety of  consuming cloned meat and milk. I’m not sure where they got theie data or enough information to make such a statement. I’m quite sure not a one of them ate or drank the items in question. However and nonetheless, the FDA ruled that cloned food is safe for human consumption.

This means that you may soon be eating meat and drinking milk from .

Apparently this ruling goes against the will of Congress that voted TWICE in 2007  to delay the decision until additional safety and economic studies could be complete. .

I’m not sure why there has been such a rush to embrace this new technology. Is it just an attempt to add whatever genetic stock they choose back into the food supply? Or is there something more sinister than that going on. I’m not sure at all. But the thought sends shivers up my spine.

We already know that processes like genetic modification of food stock is patentable…that patent law was overturned to make this happen. I’m sure we’ll see that trend continue with cloned food.  There already are .

And where does come into play with this? Could the Orwellian  NoNAIScowbrownnightmare include the control of ALL foodstuff? Ultimately, who controls the right to plant and the right to eat? The big food conglomerates? The biotech industry? Monsanto?

Where does this end?
I fear that it is only beginning.

We’ve already seen native crops decimated through contamination with GM crops. We’ve read the headlines of massive numbers of bees dying off; whole colonies failing due to inability to process GM pollen. And now this.

Although no one knows when the first of this wave will hit the market, I know this experiment will be field tested with live human beings, where people will become the guinea pigs, not know what they are getting (just like with GMO foods). And there is no legislation that requires producers of this technology to label their product or alert you that you are consuming a cloned product (similar to lack of labeling on genetically modified foods). So you will not know that you are consuming the cloned product.

Scary indeed.

I can only hope that we won’t see a monumental repercussion played out in the health of our peoples.

What ever happened to the slogan:
It’s Not Nice To Fool With Mother Nature?

What do you think? Share your opinions below.

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  • josh.f13


    @ cj

    While I did find your article largely reactionary, I am happy that you are bringing some attention to this situation. I’m not particularly against animal cloning as a way to augment our food supply, but I do agree that more study is needed.

    @ Izzy

    That autism remark is a complete non-sequitur and wholly irresponsible. If you’ve done your research, you’ll find that the rate of autism hasn’t increased, but simply the amount of cases CLASSIFIED as autism have increased. This is because the medical community is learning more about this disorder and thereby concluding that more children are actually autistic rather than something else.


  • Izzy


    holy cow you know and people wonder why 1 in every 166 child has autism. we’re scratching our heads thinking ummmm whats wrong with our children and why are people getting sick lets think about this… the Egyptians worshiped the bee’s its because with out those little suckers thats IT we’re done it would take just a short amount of time and we would start dieing you know nature is simply perfect I need to stop @#!$ with it, it’s all about quantity not quality…people will start listening when they see the after math of their stupidity


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