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The Call of the Entrepreuneur

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The documentary explosion is here.

Michael Moore set the stage with his 3 films. His first one gave way to such films as Super Size Me, An Inconvenient Truth and Who Killed The Electric Car. Sicko, a documentary about the state of health care around the westernized world, has recently completed it theater run and is going strong in the rental market.

I for one am thankful for these socially conscious films. More are on the horizon that I’ll review here. Many of these films have very limited showings around the country. If they don’t make it to your neck of the woods,

Tony Robbins On Success and Fulfillment

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Are you still looking for to take it to another level?

Here’s Tony Robbins RAW giving it his all for a TED engagement. His topic: “The Defining Factor to Success and Fulfillment.” This is a 20 minute video and has Tony “kepping it real” like you haven’t seen him before.


A Blast From The Past From Pink Floyd

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How about a little blast from the past?

If you’re feeling a little down or could just use a little rockin’ to jack you up, here’s one tune you can listen to. The Google Video version would not consistently embed in all browsers. So, this one will just have to do.

Get a little more FEEL GOOD with Pink Floyd and The Wall.


Ah…Another Turkey Day

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You’ve got the day off – it’s a national holiday.

The food’s out of the oven and you are ready for some good eatin’.
It’s Turkey Day – and you’re all about Thanksgivings.

If you’re lucky, your wallet will pass on Black Friday.

But until manana, have a blessed Thanksgivings from all of us at Better Health News.


watch out for the dogs!


redneck home alarm

Farma: The Scary Future Of Food

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The most recent future of food conference has recently concluded. The prediction – the future of bioengineering foodstuff is rosy. Bill Gates’ foundation has taken on a noble effort and funded billions of dollars into feeding the worlds’ less fortunate. They, like you, are being fed food that is genetically altered, that is genetically engineered. But what could be the result of such a practise?

In the short run, bellies are full. In the long run, ecosystems

Food Additives and Health: The Case Against MSG

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While I was in medical school, I did research under a March of Dimes grant on MSG (monosodium glutamate), a common food additive. Back then, then damage we saw in rats was reversable IF you stopped giving it to them.

However the case against its use in man is mounting, including one that strongly suggest it has negative metabolic effects and leads to thyroid dysfunction and obesity.

Here’s a clip of a video by Dr. Blaylock on MSG, what problems it can cause and how it is added to your food disguised as something else.


Cleaner Burning Vehicles: Honda Unveils It’s Newest Hydrogen Car

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Well, it’s now a fact.

Honda plans to release it’s new version of the hydrogen car in California in 2008. With 68 mpg and burning only hydrogen, this electric vehicle is touted as quite enviro friendly, with its only waste products be carbon dioxide and water.
honda fcx hydroelectric car

Although the range has been increase by 30% to 270 miles, it still means that it is limited to local uses versus cross country commutes. I do applaud them for

You Are What You Eat! Are You Unknowingly Eating Road Kill And Dead Pets?

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“You are what you eat!”

As the health of Americans continue to decline, more and more information is being uncovered about just how tainted our food supply really is. It’s no wonder that disease and degeneration is RAMPANT in America. This has just got to stop!

I’ve always wondered what happened to all the road kill that’s out there. And now I know.

do you eat dog It isn’t a pretty picture.

We’ve all read about cattle being fed animal

Is Bottle Water BAD For You?

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There has been a quiet storm rising.

Bottle water – it ain’t as good as it is crack up to be.
Billions of bottle are sold each year in the US alone. It is really BIG business now.

So isn’t bottle water SUPPOSED to be better? Not necessarily. In Houston, well, almost anything’s better than tap water. But that isn’t true across the country.

Inside these bottles has been found bacteria, chemicals and