Just When You Thought It Was Safe

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Labor Day is just around the corner.

When on the road, it pays to be defensive.
It also pays to take the offense.

There’s been a rash of fatal motorcycle accidents in this quadrant
including one where the driver took his eyes off the road and ended
up in a squadron of motorcyclists, killing and maiming a few.

Now although he may have wanted to blame it on his taking his
eyes briefly off the road to check on the baby in the back seat,
the officers couldn’t help but notice the stench of alcohol from his

To top it off, he was driving without a license because…he had
lost it due to drunk driving.

Needless to say the magistrate will probably throw the book at him
and he won’t see the outside of a prison for decades.

So where is this leading…

to a rant and a few safety tips for the road.

If you haven’t seen the commercial yet, one of the insurers is running
one that talks about their being there for your teen if they have a
motor vehicle accident. However there is another message in there
that is PRINTED – and it is about not using cellular phones while driving.

Now I can tell you that it is impossible to perform 2 higher level functions
at the same time WITH the same level of precision and accuracy. And when
it comes to a choice of being ‘in the moment’ on the telephone or really paying
attention to the road, the conversation on the cell wins out hands down.

What I find amazing is that most persons think that talking on a cell is
completely passive…but it surely is not.

Just think…in the past two weeks…how many braindead cell phone morons either:

  • 1) darted out in front of you in traffic
  • 2) cut you off
  • 3) got you stuck at a light because they were paying attention to talking on the darn phone instead of the light
  • 4) almost HIT you because they were engrossed in their conversation and didn’t look before they turned
  • 5) had kids in the car (teen monsters or smaller) that they were trying to talk to WHILE talking on the cell WHILE driving (this pertains BOTH to adults and teens…)
  • or

  • 6) the driver in front of you suddenly swerving in and out of 2 lanes of traffic just as you’re trying to pass, often at high speed (ie. on the interstate) because he dropped the phone and is trying to grab it off the floor, foot still to the accelerator…


Stop it!

This insanity has got to stop!

It’s time for a ban on using the cellular while driving…or to make it illegal.

Look I’m not big on government sanctions but this is getting ridiculous and downright dangerous.

Heck IF you must do so (use a mobile phone while driving), have the
system INTEGRATED into your car or use the headgear for hands-free
access; even the prepaid phone have these. This should be the only acceptable
form for use behind the wheel.

I’ve been able to use this (headgear) with much success and with little distraction from my
eyes and hands being on the road. I still pull over to dial.

So…expect there will be idiots and watch for them.
It’s a matter of life and death.

Now 2 more little safety tips I’ve come across:

Actually these 2 I recently came upon and didn’t know before…

I. Whenever it it raining, turn your cruise control off

Rationale: If you start to hydroplane, your tires lose contact with the payment.
If your cruise control is on, your tires wil accelerate to a higher rate of speed
and you’ll take off like a rocket. When your tires eventually come back into
contact with the road surface, your speed can be 10-15 miles faster. This
increases the likelihood of your losing control of your car. You don’t want
to end up crashing, do you?

II. This is for motorcyles drivers and passengers: Keep your helmets away from
the gas tank when filling up
. Why? The gasoline fumes can break down your helmet,
causing the styrene lining to deteriorate.

Don’t believe me? Well, try this test. Put a small amount of gasoline in a
styrofoam cup and see what happens. Sorta melts it, right?

I wouldn’t want to wear a helmet that had broken down padding in it just in
case some driving cell phone users desides to tap my bike and turn me into a human


Plus I’d like to see you all around a whole lot longer.

aka Dr. J

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