Dark Moon Rising: The Ultimate Stress You Face Today…

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I have been pondering just how I am going to write this post.

I’ve debated it for several weeks…maybe months.
Actually, I’ve struggled with it…

Yes, I talk about stress on this site…about how it threatens your health, both mental and physical.
Even spiritual.


What happens if, one day you woke up and lacked the power to do anything about it?

What if you could no longer take nutritional supplements, find high quality native foods that function as medicines, or eat food that isn’t loaded with chemicals, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, radiation, viruses/bacteria (because it was grown if raw sewage) or, are just so genetically modified that it lacks any real nutritional value and just make you sick?

What if you lived in a world where you could no longer say “no” to vaccines? Vaccines that may be of questionable efficacy? Vaccines that are filled with mercury – a known neurotoxin – and other substances which depress and suppress your immune system?

Or worse…vaccines that actually contain live organisms?
(it has happened before)…

That world terrifies me.
And we are closer to that reality today than ever.

Since I work in the health field, I’ve already witnessed the suffering of many and have tried to help.

But this…the horror of this…would just be too much…it would be unbearable.

The tentacles of this monster is worldwide and more of its bite will be felt at home.
In America.

There is a consciousness raising going on…an attempt to wake up people so we can avert this disaster. I hope and pray that we can.

I’ve included a video below. It covers way more than what the award winning mainstream filmmaker set out to portray. Some say he was ‘killed’ for this effort...for putting this together to alert you of what is going on.

That’s something you’ll have to decide for yourself!

But I’ll warn you that this film is disturbing. No…there are no grotesque images to be concerned about viewing. Not a one. As Aaron would say...he set out to prove one thing and discovered something else…something much deeper…something so sinister that he committed his life to helping you know about it.

And now in honor of his work…and the future, I must pass this on to you. My wish for you is that you pass it on to someone you love.

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