Where I’ll Be: The Fun Of Moving

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Just in case you wonder where the heck Jack’s gone, I’ll be moving starting tonight.  But the bulk of the move will take place this weekend. I could lose a couple days of internet access though (I’ll cross my fingers). Comcast usually comes through with shining colors. So I anticipate that re-connecting broadband will be a non-event.

After getting caught TWICE in the past week in white out conditions (full of drivers that were more foolish than stupid), I’ll finally be able to cut that drive in 1/2… and have the option of using use back roads just in case there’s more of winter’s wrath coming.

I was supposed to move last week, but a corporate snafu inadvertently pushed it back by two weeks. After protesting the delay due to the amount of driving I was doing this time of the year, my company decided to compromise and allow me to move this weekend.

"Thank you, God!"

Yes, it looked like everything was starting to move smoothly, when another snag occurred just so Mr. Murphy could have his just desserts. TONIGHT my mover decided to push back the date he was to transport my stuff to Monday…that is after being SO anxious to take the job that he wanted me to move UP my move in date to Thursday…which is tonight.

Hummm… Maybe he has a football game or something to watch? Maybe he’s taking the wife to a casino? Maybe he’s out smokin’ crack? Who knows! I just cannot wait until Monday. Who knows what kind of weather we’ll have by Monday and I’m just in no mood for another delay. So, I’ve had to make alternative arrangements on very short notice. That essentially means using my storage facility and U-Haul. Good thing I have a pulling rig on my truck. Comes in handy.

monkeyAnd just think, I was going to give him a BIG bonus for getting this done  so quickly…which would spare me from potentially aggravating my old knee and low back injury…

Now all bets are off concerning that!

So…as they say, "The best laid plans of mice and men always go astray…" – I’ll be looking for muscle to assist me with the move, or, will just have to put everything I don’t need right away into storage. The stress of this and all that driving is taxing, wearing me down a bit. Good thing this will all be over soon. The light…I see the light…

And I’m gonna get me an ice cold brewski to celebrate. This ain’t a pinot noir kind of celebration. No sirree! An Asahi tall boy would hit the spot. I can already taste it…

Tomorrow I get my keys and drop off a load. Instead of dreaming about being in my new home, I’ll be there.  Soon.

Pray the weather holds.

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