Yahoo…The Move’s Complete

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I could get down on my knees and kiss my keyboard but…

that would mean I’d have to get up!

The move is to a new hosting company is complete and it went without a glitch.

The HELP that I was supposed to have…well…let’s say that I had already moved the site files, figured out how to move the database and started the cleanup of the interface BEFORE my help even tried to get anything done.

Heck, I had already CHANGED the domain pointers and backed up everything because I hadn’t seen anything done by my ‘help’. So, I just chuckled when I got an email from them saying that they couldn’t get it done, essentially because they took too long and the codes no longer worked.

Oh well…sorry


So…now I can go on with the additions to Better Health News. It’s running much better and smoother now…and people and syndicators can find the RSS feed.

That’s NICE!

Alrighty now…

time to tinkle the keys for a new article.

I appreciate you!

aka Dr. J

We’re Moving to a New Web Host

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Yes, the problems continue.

There are still ‘bug’ issues with the way the program I manage this site works on my current web host and with the RSS feed. So the better part of valor would be to move it to a more reliable, less buggy host.

Over the past 3+ weeks, I have been been testing out a new hosting company, and more importantly, this site management program on their platform.

And I have to report that it has run flawlessly…and quickly.

So, before this site gets any bigger, it would be easier for me to move it now.

This is a ‘heads up’ to let you know that the transition SHOULD be made quickly and easily – and will be done this week. We will see. I’ve never had to move a database file.

The good thing is that I should have some help!

I’m going to back up everything right now before we start this.

Wish me luck!

aka Dr. J