Kevorkian For Congress?

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kevorkian Jack’s back…and he wants to be in politics!

Dr. Jack Kevorkian became famous due to his notoriety regarding the topic of dying with dignity, but became infamous for assisted suicides – about 130 in all. Unfortunately for him, one of those landed him in the big house.

Well, Jack is out of prison, a free man, sorta (he’s still on parole) and he has his

Going For Broke: The Challenge Begins…

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patagonia glacier Some of you are aware that I have been recuperating from an injury that took out my ability to walk nearly 2 years ago. Since that time, I’ve graduated from wheelchair to walker, then to crutches…and finally off them about 10 months after the initial injury.

Walking without crutches was a big feat. Climbing stairs and running has been the biggest challenge. Just the stairs issue alone has

Disturbing Statistic: 1 Percent In Prisons

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For the first time in American history, more than 1% of the population is inchain gang jail or prison – that is 1 in 100 adults.

In a shocking report released by the Pew Center on the States’ Public Safety Performance Project, 2,319,258 adults were held in American prisons or jails at the beginning

Floridian Warns: Don’t Jump In The Water!

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Its hot in Florida. Many times, you might think about taking a plunge in a  gator nearby water hole. But Floridians know better. This is the land of the gator and many ain’t afraid of man.

Unfortunately one man didn’t know the rule.

Recently a robbery suspect jumped into a retaining pond to evade police and was subsequently killed by the resident alligator. Apparently there were several people who urged him to get out but

Lakota Sioux Declare Independence From US

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This story hits home.lakota press
It may change your world.
It does mine.

The Lakota Sioux nation is well represented in Nebraska where I live. On  December 18, it served notice to the US, asserting itself as a sovereign nation. They will issue their own passports and drivers license and there will be no income tax for those who renounce their US citizenship. Lakota land spans 5 states (NE, SD, ND, WY, MT).

"We are no longer citizens of the United States of America and all those who live in the five-state area that encompasses our country are free to join us

Will Smith’s I Am Legend Breaks Record

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Neither rain nor sleet nor winter blizzard conditions kept movie gwill smithoers away from seeing I Am Legend. It has broken December’s debut box office record with an impressive $76.5 million for its first weekend run.

It also broke Will Smith’s own record, topping movies like I Robot and Men In Black II. It even did better than the previous crown owner, Return Of The King from Peter Jackson’s Lord Of Rings Trilogy.

I Am Legend Online

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Better Health News I Am Legend2I’m a big fan of Will Smith.

Several of his movies are timeless. Most I anticipate highly and saw on the big screen. But his newest release…I’ll have to pass on for now.
Let me explain…

When they started leaking that his new movie would be coming out about what, 9 months ago, I KNEW that it wasn’t just a thriller…it was going to be  downright SCARY! The impression I got was that it was going to be a cross between the whole Resident Evil thing and The

What Could You Learn From Britney Spears?

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Better Heath News britney It’s true…

Her performance at the Grammy’s was atrocious. Her personal life’s a mess. Her body…well, she hasn’t been in the rare form she’s known for for quite some time.

And her hair…what can I say about that?

Britney…she’s been in the news a lot lately. Her personal debacle has been massive tabloid fodder, played on their fronts like a C rated reality show. Yet she still commands loads of attention.

What lessons can you learn from Britney’s life?

Blogging master Michael Martine has written an amusing yet poignantly insightful post on the matter.

Make sure you read it. The real fruit will come when you apply it.


We’ve Got A New Engine!

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“Pappas Got A Brand New Bag!”
Yahoo…We are now state of the art!

Finally, we’ve got a platform upgrade that is actually working. Over the past year, I’ve been trying to upgrade this site to various versions of wordpress, without success. There was always something going wrong, especially since I was using a template built for wordpress 1.5.

After testing the upgrade on another non-critical domain, and getting it to work, I was able to upgrade THIS one with