We’re Moving to a New Web Host

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Yes, the problems continue.

There are still ‘bug’ issues with the way the program I manage this site works on my current web host and with the RSS feed. So the better part of valor would be to move it to a more reliable, less buggy host.

Over the past 3+ weeks, I have been been testing out a new hosting company, and more importantly, this site management program on their platform.

And I have to report that it has run flawlessly…and quickly.

So, before this site gets any bigger, it would be easier for me to move it now.

This is a ‘heads up’ to let you know that the transition SHOULD be made quickly and easily – and will be done this week. We will see. I’ve never had to move a database file.

The good thing is that I should have some help!

I’m going to back up everything right now before we start this.

Wish me luck!

aka Dr. J

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