Getting It Done: The Power of Something

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Several years ago, I bought a book and tape set from an author on dreams at a conference I was attending. I really didn’t like the tape set, and the book failed to inspire me.

So I put it all aside.

Then comes life…moving…all sorts of other things. This ‘package’ was forgotten by me. Most of what I didn’t like found its way to the local library as a donation. I was sure that someone could use it…that the message would be right for the right person somewhere…and left it as that.

The other day I was headed home and decided to pay a visit to my storage area, essentially to pick up some ‘donations’ for my local library. The object of that visit was audiotape sets. It just happens that I found one I hadn’t listened to on abundance. I remembered where I picked it up and that it was part of that dream package.

So I didn’t give a second thought, picked it up and planned on donating it.

The trip home was a long one – 12 hours to be sure – so tape sets are welcome companions. For some reason, I decided to listen to that set on abundance before giving it away.

Since that trip, one thought has remained everpresent in my mind…and that is

the power of SOMETHING.

You see we go through our day thinking about all the things we have to do. Some of us make lists. Others make lists of lists (you know who you are). And still some others of you keep ordering and reordering your lists that you never get anything done.

And that’s the problem…not getting anything done. Not moving forward on your goals, dreams, desires. Essentially, treading water in your life…just getting by…just staying afloat. How do you FIX that?

The power of SOMETHING.

I’ll explain…

You see most people feel IF they can’t get it done, why start? And if you never start anything, well at that pace, you’ll NEVER get anything done. What you’ve done is replaced ALL with NOTHING. Just think what you COULD have done if you replaced ALL with SOMETHING? Here are a few examples:

* Honey, did you clean the house? Dear, I got the basement done.

* Honey, did you workout at the gym today? Dear, I got 20 minutes in on the treadmill this morning.

* Honey, can we go to Hawaii for two weeks? Dear, I have tickets for 4 days in the Bahamas. Want to go?

PROGRESS…each example shows progress. And progress = forward movement. Movement builds momentum. Momentum gets it all done.

How absurb would it be to think you could write a book in a day…or in a week. With a goal like writing a book, you segment it into tasks of writing something daily, be it a paragraph, a page, a chapter, an outline, whatever. Then you revise it and put it together so it flows, that is, after ALL segments are done.

If you keep revising the book WHILE it is being written, I doubt it would ever get completed.

A good book couldn’t be written in one day. That is essentially impossible. Your life is a story that unfolds and is written/rewritten day by day, moment by moment. There is only so much you can expect to get done in one day. Many things need to be completed that same day (like cooking dinner). Most are not mission critical. You can get SOMETHING done towards your goals every day. The act of doing brings that goal closer to you, closer towards being achieved…closer to completion.

Congratulations if you did something today which moved you towards your goals. If you didn’t, get out and do something.


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