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Mission Accomplished! What Results You Can Expect From The Amazing Gallbladder Flush…

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aloeI admit it…I was skeptical.
And that word is never used in my vocabulary.

I’ve done liver flushes before and supposed gallbladder cleanses. I’ve always wondered if they were really doing anything for me. I couldn’t tell. Those prior experiences definitely did nothing to prepared me for the results I got from this one…results I got quickly and predictably.

Yes, I probably would not have tried this flush unless someone I knew had done it AND had gotten results. But still…VISIBLE results? That’s what the Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush claims it delivers…and actually gave me.
Let me explain…

First of all, this was by far the EASIEST flush I’ve ever done. You know…easy on the system. No bitter tea or tincture to choke down every day just because it’s good for me. I didn’t pinch my nostrils, not even once! Even when doing Epsom Salt by

Go Beyond Colon Cleansing: Get The Sludge Out By Flushing Your Liver, Kidney and Gall Bladder

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A few months ago, one of my Canadian friends told me of a program he was  gallstones doing to rid his liver and gallbladder of sludge and gallstones. He had completed his first flush and was literally amazed at what came out.

Now I cannot imagine being so keen on what’s in your stool as to COUNT what comes out, but this is what he did. He told me he had counted HUNDREDS of stones that had passed, along with some other weird stuff he hadn’t a clue as to what it was.

Hummm…a live guinea pig with results".  So, I couldn’t say it didn’t work. The only questions now

Some Changes Coming This Way…

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First, I’d like to apologize to those of you who tried to access this site on Friday. Apparently Better Health News was not accessible for more than 6 hours and possibly 12. My hosting company was not even aware of the issue. Neither was I until I got home, fired up my browser and read an email from my web guy.

This just won’t do.

Yes, the problem was fixed in under 10 minutes. But something went wacky on their side. The tech guy explained it as…somehow, THEY blocked my sites IP addess at the server…THEIR server.

So…with this being the last annoyance in a fistful of short straws, I will HAVE to move the site. It’s unfortunate they decided to stop managing their own servers and LEASE some with another company who, well, is known to me for computer glitches and poor service. My hosting company usually gives good service, but their’s only so much you can do when you hitch yourself to a rotten apple.

Yes, this is yet another headache I didn’t want to deal with just this yet. But for peace of mind, this should be done now. I’d hate the site to have a problem while I’m out of the country!


I’ve been working on a change in the look of the site. So far, I have 2 designers that are working on updating the look and functionality…and I’m cleaning up another one. We’ll see whose actually makes it here first.

Tomorrow will be the beginning of spring purge step 2. So, what is that? Tune in tomorrow to find out.

Finally…The Feed Is Fixed!

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mad_scientist I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to have an e-gremlin in the system…one that I couldn’t find for weeks. And then to finally have a "eureka" moment point to a potential solution…

and it actually work!

I was starting to look like the mad scientist in the picture, and felt like I was just about to start pulling my hair out (Actually, I had already sacrificed a strand or two).

Aarrgh! Charlie Brown and I were having something in common. Frustration with a capital ‘F’, big time. I am SO glad that the darn thing is now working.  Saved me from early female pattern baldness.

So…as that screwy rabbit would say…
"On wid da show!"

Breakfast NOT At Tiffany’s: Holding My Own In Sante Fe

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view from my table 
There are many good places to have a hearty southwestern breakfast. But few  with the ambience of Sante Fe.

sante fe breakfastYesterday, I had my favorite southwestern breakfast, Huevos Rancheros. I was very pleased that there were no refried beans on my plate. The chiles and hashbrowns hit the spot. I was going to dine on it again this morning, but was running a bit

Something Weird Is Going On With The Feed

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Well as Murphy’s Law would have it, I’m just about to board a plane for a you rang conference in New Mexico when my blog designer tells me that my feed has disappeared. I had been looking for my latest post to arrive in my email…actually my last couple of posts…and they are missing in action.

So the question is: "What the heckies is going on?" Technical troubles before a 3 AM roadtrip to the airport is just