Mission Accomplished! What Results You Can Expect From The Amazing Gallbladder Flush…

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aloeI admit it…I was skeptical.
And that word is never used in my vocabulary.

I’ve done liver flushes before and supposed gallbladder cleanses. I’ve always wondered if they were really doing anything for me. I couldn’t tell. Those prior experiences definitely did nothing to prepared me for the results I got from this one…results I got quickly and predictably.

Yes, I probably would not have tried this flush unless someone I knew had done it AND had gotten results. But still…VISIBLE results? That’s what the Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush claims it delivers…and actually gave me.
Let me explain…

First of all, this was by far the EASIEST flush I’ve ever done. You know…easy on the system. No bitter tea or tincture to choke down every day just because it’s good for me. I didn’t pinch my nostrils, not even once! Even when doing Epsom Salt by mouth, I didn’t cringe or puke (well, I only knew you could soak in it…not drink it). I expected there would be cramping and bloating like you can get with citrate of magnesium.

None occurred.

The most uncomfortable part came from the colon cleanse portion BEFORE the flush. So, I’m using a different colon formulation for after the flush.

Now to my results.

Well, I THOUGHT I would have difficulty drinking 32 oz of apple juice a day, consistently, for 6 days.

I didn’t.

Then came the concoction of grapefruit juice and olive oil.
Yes, I mean DRINKING it.

Again, not a problem. I bought the grapefruit a little over a week before I planned to use them and they were sweet, sweet, sweet. They EASILY offset the olive oil taste. And the straw tip made everything go smoothly.

The results?

Over 200 stones passed in less than 24 hours. Actually, I quit counting when I got to 200. The majority were a little shy of 1/8th inch. However there were about 10 that were pea size and that included about 3 that were a little bit larger than a pea. They all passed with ZERO discomfort. No pain.

If you follow the directions, it is EASY to see these stone because there is no significant amount of waste matter competing for your attention.

And they FLOAT…just like the book said.

Here’s another interesting thing. There were a couple of stones that were longitudinal, the same shape a duct in the liver would take. So, I was very pleased to get those out and help decongest my liver.

The verdict?

I’m impressed. The regimen works and was very easy on my system. I plan to do another flush in about 4 weeks and follow the frequency the book suggests.

Maybe you should too. There’s supposed to be a myriad of health benefits  from removing stones and decongesting both organs. Read the book to find out about them. Sure beats surgery.

Happy flushing!

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    Wow, its really amazing Gallbladder Flush… Great stuff, nice to read about this flush.. Great work!


    • Anonymous


      I recently did another version of the gallbladder flush that uses liquid phosphorous by Standard Process and completes in 3 days. It was definitely different. On my next flush, I am going to do the same 3 days one but add the Epsom Salts in the Andreas flush, and the fast period. It should end up being MORE effective than either.


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    Thanks for information, I’ll always keep updated


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