Some Changes Coming This Way…

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First, I’d like to apologize to those of you who tried to access this site on Friday. Apparently Better Health News was not accessible for more than 6 hours and possibly 12. My hosting company was not even aware of the issue. Neither was I until I got home, fired up my browser and read an email from my web guy.

This just won’t do.

Yes, the problem was fixed in under 10 minutes. But something went wacky on their side. The tech guy explained it as…somehow, THEY blocked my sites IP addess at the server…THEIR server.

So…with this being the last annoyance in a fistful of short straws, I will HAVE to move the site. It’s unfortunate they decided to stop managing their own servers and LEASE some with another company who, well, is known to me for computer glitches and poor service. My hosting company usually gives good service, but their’s only so much you can do when you hitch yourself to a rotten apple.

Yes, this is yet another headache I didn’t want to deal with just this yet. But for peace of mind, this should be done now. I’d hate the site to have a problem while I’m out of the country!


I’ve been working on a change in the look of the site. So far, I have 2 designers that are working on updating the look and functionality…and I’m cleaning up another one. We’ll see whose actually makes it here first.

Tomorrow will be the beginning of spring purge step 2. So, what is that? Tune in tomorrow to find out.

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