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It’s Tornado Time: 7 Tips For Staying Safe When Dark Skies Appear and Funnels Near

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As the weather warms, and warm air meets cool air, the chance of tornadoes nebraska tornado goes up. There was a time that my friends in the Los Angeles area would state that they never get tornadoes. But 2005 was a different year for them. With so many twisters hitting the City of Angels (26 in all), well, they can no longer pu pu the midwest because of tornadoes.

Tornadoes have shown their face all over the United States. So what can you do to

P 73: One Of The Best Kept Secrets For Vanquishing Viruses

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I admit it…I’ve been under the weather. oreganol

It appears that I’ve waited 48 years to have my first sinus headache. Except it was more than that.  With all the high winds and animal do, who knows what was in my sinuses.

But it was rearing its head on Sunday. I went around to several health remedies stores looking for my old standby, Cat’s Claw tincture  or concentrated gelcaps (not the dried version). None of the stores had it. So I suffered

Quick Maintenence Message…

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Just to let you know that I will be doing some upgrading to the software that runs this site sometime tomorrow, as I’m a little to fried to get it done tonight…though I tried.

So I thought that the best plan was to rest my brain first…to make sure it goes without a hitch.

This upgrade ‘should’ be short, sweet and simple. I’ve already done a dry run on another site. So wish me luck with this one.

Then I can show you some pics from my day at the lake.
Until tomorrow…