P 73: One Of The Best Kept Secrets For Vanquishing Viruses

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I admit it…I’ve been under the weather. oreganol

It appears that I’ve waited 48 years to have my first sinus headache. Except it was more than that.  With all the high winds and animal do, who knows what was in my sinuses.

But it was rearing its head on Sunday. I went around to several health remedies stores looking for my old standby, Cat’s Claw tincture  or concentrated gelcaps (not the dried version). None of the stores had it. So I suffered on for yet another day.

Then I decided to stop by GNC just to see if they still carried the gelcaps. They didn’t and told me they were removing cat’s claw from their line because demand was so low. We started talking, me educating him about the merits of Cat’s Claw, and something I said triggered him to tell me about the merits of oregano oil. But not any oreganol oil. P 73

Apparently a couple of weeks back, someone came in to educate them about the research that was done with a specific version of wild organic Madagascar oreganol oil. These studies have shown it to have astounding antiviral properties and potentially, anti-cancer properties.

Since I was pretty sure I was dealing with a virus, one that had lodged itself deep in my sphenoid sinuses, I had nothing to lose.

The results were impressive.

The pressure and pain were completely soon after I started taking it. Draining of the sinuses started almost immediately after I took my first dose. And that dose was 2 drops under my tongue.

Two drops. Amazingly potent stuff!

My body has been working to get rid of any nidus or hiding place it has set up. I’m going to continue it for a full 30 days just to make sure. I’ve also found that Oreganol P73 comes in a triple strength version, both in gelcap and liquid forms.  It’s hand picked, steam distilled to maintain its medicinal properties and certified wild. I’ll definitely be stocking up.

With something that works this good, maybe you should too.

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  • Offgrid Living


    We have this in our medicine chest. Works great – and yes very potent. If you have that tell-tale scratchy throat or the beginnings of a stuffed up head a few drops will give immediate relief.


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