One Step Shy Of Heat Stroke…

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Happy 4th of July!

I had the pleasure of driving back home to spend a day rummaging through storage. One of those places was my garage. Interesting thing…in the winter time, this garage felt a little cold and was a nice wind break. However in the summer time, I now knew how well it was insulated for winter.

I darn near passed out!

The worst thing on the trip was…aside from deer waiting to commit suicide on a foggy night…was that the NEW air conditioning unit in my car died. And in 100% humidity on hot day, well, that just didn’t make for a decent cross country drive.

Actually, it was rather miserable. It reminded me of that trips across the Florida panhandle when I was a kid. Except we couldn’t move fast enough to create a draft or breeze. Good thing I was on the interstate. It was simply amazing to drive through bands of thick humid air and just feel it.

Well…I let the dealer know that I wasn’t happy – and they think it wasn’t a defective unit but a leak somewhere. Whatever it is, I’m pretty sure they have to fix it. I’ve paid my $1200 dues last year to get it fixed.

I was happy to have filled up on several liters of Delta Blue before the trip…along with Guyaki Mate Power Shots. Made it so I eventually got home…even though it did take 2 full days.

At least it’s cooler here…

One thing of interest was the crops. The crops east of the Mississippi were taller and more uniform. The crops in Iowa were of all different heights, but were behind. Many of the fields had standing water in them. It was a different site since I’m aware that corn should be at least knee high by the 4th of July.

Last year, there were still crops unharvested in the field in January.
That was different to see. Hopefully, what is going on will not force food prices up.

However…just to be sure…start stocking up before prices rise.

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