The Sweetner You Just Might Want To Avoid…

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When I was young, there was saccharin. Sugar Twin was the brand name and aspartame brain came in little pink packets. Then came the push for a new artificial sweetner, with commercials that claimed that it was made from natural ingredients.

That was more than stretching the truth.

The blue packets and tubes seem here to stay. One of the neurophysicists I worked with told me 2 decades ago that his research indicated that aspartame was a neurotoxin and advised that it not be brought to market. But the windfall of profits that could be made would not delay the wave, the NutraSweet explosion.

It started to show up everywhere – cereals, pop, ice cream, ready-to-mix drinks, gum and candy. Then something happened. As fast as that deluge of aspartame containing products came to the market, many of them just vanished. Why?

There have been many concerns raised about the safety of aspartame, especially since other safer alternatives exist (ie. stevia). So, I decided to locate the film I viewed a while ago on aspartame and add it here. I hope you find this documentary enlightening. Enjoy!

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