Big Large Gargantuan and Toting 2 Liters of Diet Pop

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I know you’ve seen it.

I’ve seen it myself.

People on diets. But not just people…FAT people.
And not just fat people…but massively fat people. Clinically they are referred to as morbidly obese.

I’ve seen them starving themselves, eating rabbit food and lugging a 2 liter bottle of diet pop. Heck some of them drink 2 of these 2 liter bottles a day.

Yet the weight snails off…if it comes off at all.

Many times people criticize them for being big fat slobs who lack discipline. Others state they just have to be overeating – sneaking cake, tubloads of ice cream or eating 2 pounds of chocolate bon bons at one serving.

And yes, there are some of them that do.

But not all of them.

I’ve long suspected the consumption of diet pop to be one of the culprits. And research has finally come out that validates this. The acid load that drinking pop and concommitently, not drinking water, works against weight loss. That’s one well known factor. Another one is that many artificial sweetners can cause you to crave carbohydrates, thus helping you to break your diet and overeat.

A third point is that they can make your brain believe that you are starving. And even if you do not overeat, you brain signals your body to ‘hold it all’ because you need it.

And guess what happens when your brain ‘thinks’ you’re starving? It acts like you’re starving and tries to save you from death by slowing down your metabolism, which is exactly the opposite of what you want.

Thus even if you’ve adjusted your calories down, you burn less and STILL can gain weight. It can perpetuate a vicious cycle.

Given that’s a bit simplistic. I think you get the gist.

One place where answers were forthcoming was through the research of Dr. Ann de Wees Allen. Dr. Allen has done extensive research on the glycemic food index – what foods really stimulate insulin hypersecretion and which do not. Just knowing this, altering your diet, adding some moderate exercise regimen and drinking water should jumpstart any resistant weight loss effort.

Some of the foods on that list will surprise you. Examples: rice cakes are them most fattening food on the planet as they cause the highest insulin spike and signal the hormone for storing fat to turn on. White potatoes and carrots also do this. But yams do not.

Dr. Allen has also done research on the effects of artifical sweetners and sugar alcohols, how they act and interact in/with your body. Unfortunately, she is no longer making those reports available to the public.

That is very disheartening. I have no clue as to her rationale. Maybe she was getting some pressure from the big boys. Maybe she’s going to publish a mainstream book. I don’t know. What I do know for sure is that the results she claims should be made available to the end user. It’s a matter of health – actually, of quality life and early death.

The effects on the changes of our diets and how we eat over the last 50 years are so apparent. They have led to the epidemic of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer…to name a few illnesses. I also believe it is directly responsible for the increased incidences of chronic fatigue, depression, autoimmune disorders (including fibromyalgia) and attention deficits disorder.

Now these results are not purely a direct effect of eating or not eating the foods, but also due to a compounding of the lack of nutritional value in many raw and processed foods, the chemical loading of these foods and an overall more highly toxic enviornment.

It’s now more important than ever to take control of what you put in your body.

Before I wrap up this post, I recently received an email from one of my nurses. It was one of those pass along types. Now I usually delete these, but this one had some salient points in it. Unfortunately, the author’s name is not mentioned. I’ve left it essentially as I received it, with the exception of some corrections in capitalization, punctuation and clarification of terms.

You can get the article as a pdf below. It is entitled, “Sweet Poison: Aspartame.”


Click Here to Download the Article, Sweet Poison: Aspartame

aka Dr. J

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  • dr. j


    Dr Allen,

    Thank you so very much for your comment. However one glaring question remains:

    Why DID you decide to do research on the glycemic index in the first place? To BURY it? Or to further improve the health and well-being of your fellow man by dispelling common myths about food with hard scientific evidence?

    If the latter is the case, it makes no sense to bury it because some people decided to copy it!

    Who does burying it help?

    So MANY persons could benefit from your research. Many have already had LIFE altering experiences. I feel sorry for all the persons you are depriving from learning what you have to offer. Where else are they going to learn the truth and free themselves of the pervasive MISEDUCATION that surrounds them?

    Where else?

    God spared your life for a reason. Are you letting your ego get in the way of saving others lives?

    I hope not..because if THAT is the truth, that is sad. Disheartening even.

    The reality – people steal. People STEAL! There’s even a Commandment about it. Theft and dishonesty has been around since the beginning of man. It would be naive to think otherwise. So people stole from you. That’s life – get over it.

    If your quest is for recognition amongst man, well, there is a verse or two in the bible about that too.

    I understand that your research costs money. AND that you want to be recognized for your contribution to the betterment of man. OK…we all have needs. But how could you have better served your need for recognition?

    The money that you have spent trying to PROTECT what was your intellectual property could have been better used by going on the offensive. You already proved that people WANTED what you had to offer.

    I can only think that you COULD have staged a pre-emptive strike with a good PR campaign. Heck Oprah would have loved you – your story is GREAT and you love to talk in front of a crowd. You are entertaining, amusing, brilliant!

    You could have sold MILLIONS of your book and expand it by including a ton of stories you have to of collected about what that list has done for people.

    The upsell could have been the book on the sugar alcohols.

    By doing this your name will have been SEARED as THE glycemic index person to the common man. You would have gained your piece of immortality and more celebrity this way.

    And helped MILLIONS of people along the way.

    Are you up to that challenge?

    Otherwise, why go on? Why continue to do glycemic index research that no one will see…that no one will benefit from? Intellectual curiosity? Or mental masturbation.

    There comes a day when each of us must give account for what we did in our lives, as well as what we DIDN’T do. How would you explain that to the Almighty?

    And better yet…would HE understand?

    Something to think about.

    Dr. J


  • Dr. Ann de Wees Allen


    December 7, 2005

    Per your commentary as to why I stopped making the glycemic food list available, there is a simple answer:

    We have had to file 31 million dollars of Federal lawsuits against perons and companies (including physicians) who blatantly stole our glycemic data and put their name on as the authors. They then sold this information on the Internet.

    This costs us $ 400,000. per year in court and attorney costs, and we refuse to continue wasting our research monies on defending our Copyrights.

    Can we ignore the plagarism ? Legally, we cannot, as the USPTO states Copyrights must be defended or all rights are lost.

    The dishonest portion of the public has ruined any possibility of continued educational support from the Glycemic Research Institute as previously provided to the honorable segment of the population.

    Dr. Ann de Wees Allen
    Chief of Biomedical Research
    Glycemic Research Institute


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