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One Step Shy Of Heat Stroke…

Written by dr. j. Posted in Health Matters

Happy 4th of July!

I had the pleasure of driving back home to spend a day rummaging through storage. One of those places was my garage. Interesting thing…in the winter time, this garage felt a little cold and was a nice wind break. However in the summer time, I now knew how well it was insulated for winter.

I darn near passed out!

The worst thing on the trip was…aside from deer waiting to commit suicide on a foggy night…was that the NEW air conditioning unit in my car died. And in 100% humidity on hot day, well, that just didn’t make for a decent cross country drive.

Actually, it was rather miserable. It reminded me of that trips across the Florida panhandle when I was a kid. Except we couldn’t move fast enough to create a draft or breeze. Good thing I was on the interstate. It was simply amazing to drive through